How to Make a Bed Canopy for Cribs

a baby sleeping in a crib
What You'll Need
Two complimentary fabrics
A 3/8 inch wooden dowel measuring 1/3 the length of the crib
Twill tape
Sewing supplies; thread matching your fabric choices, needle and scissors
4 screw eyes
Mounting anchors
A drill
Monofilament line
Adhesive-backed Velcro tabs

Adding the beautiful final touch of a simple, but enchanting, bed canopy for the crib is the crowning glory of a beautiful baby nursery. Most parents live for the day that they can prepare a nursery for their new baby. Hours are spent looking over color charts and furniture suites. Weekends are filled with painting murals and shopping for the perfect light fixture or bedding collection.

Step 1 - Select Your Fabric

Depending on the colors in the nursery, select 2 fabrics that are complimentary. If the nursery is already very busy you can forgo the complimentary fabrics and select 2 pieces of a solid color fabric. Two soothing prints in a beach-themed nursery will work well together. If hot oranges and pinks are used in the nursery, prints incorporating browns and yellows will compliment the current color scheme. Make sure to let your personality shine through here. If you like to take chances this is the time to do it. Small accents such as this crib canopy won’t overpower the room if bold fabrics are chosen.

Once you have selected your fabric, it’s time to determine the size of the canopy. Depending on the size of the crib in the nursery you may want to go for a larger or smaller canopy. A good place to start is 66 1/2 by 22 inches. A canopy this size should fit nicely above an average size crib. Determine the size of the canopy and cut the fabric accordingly.

Step 2 - Sew Fabric Together

Lay the fabric one atop another with wrong sides facing. Topstich the fabric together on one end very close to the edge.

Using your twill tape, wrap the edges of the fabric. Make sure to miter sew the corners to create an almost invisible seam.

Sew the twill tape in place. Fold the canopy crosswise. At the folded edge, measure in one inch and form a topstitch across the create an opening for the dowel.

Step 3 - Add Dowel

Push the dowel through the channel opening. Screw one screw eye into each end of the dowel.

Step 4 - Mount Dowel in Ceiling

In the ceiling above the crib, place 2 more screw eyes using the drill and mounting anchors. These screw eyes will suspend the dowel from the ceiling.

Attach the monofilament wire to the screw eyes at each end of the dowel and attach to the screw eyes in the ceiling. Adjust the height of the dowel to your liking.

Step 5 - Attach to the Crib

The Velcro is going to be used to secure the canopy to the crib. Adhere two Velcro tabs to each side of the crib.

Sew the matching Velcro piece to the inside of the canopy. Secure the canopy to the sides of the crib.

This simple and elegant canopy will add a sweet touch to any nursery. Make sure that once your baby can stand you remove the canopy.