How to Make a Bird Bath Fountain

What You'll Need
2 Large terra cotta pot saucers
1 Medium sized terra cotta pot with saucer
1 Small sized terra cotta pot with saucer
PVC pipe
Small lawn ornament
Water hose
Dripper hose
Pottery glue
Water pump

A great way to complete your garden is to add a water feature like a bird bath fountain. You do not need to add an expensive bird bath because you can make your own. This is a great way to encourage birds to come to your garden. 

Step 1. Drilling the Holes

Take each of the terra cotta saucers and drill a hole in the middle of them. This will be where the dripper hose goes, so make sure the holes are large enough. Take your terra cotta pot saucers and drill a hole through the side. Basically, this birdbath will have several tiers so that the smaller pots and saucers are at the top and the larger at the bottom. You will also need to drill a hole through the lawn ornament you are using at the top.

Step 2. The 1st Level

Place the first saucer with a hole through the side upside down. This goes on the ground. Take some glue and glue the PVC pipe to the top of the saucer. You then want to put the other saucer on top of the PVC pipe and glue this saucer in place. You now have created the pool base and the first tier of the bird bath.

Step 3. 2nd & 3rd Levels

Now take the next smaller sized pots and place them upside down in the middle of the glued saucer. Use glue to keep the pot in place. Now put the matching saucer on top of the pot. However, put it to the right side of the pot; it should not be centered. Do the following again but with the remaining saucer offset on the left side. You now have created a birdbath with several tiers.

Step 4. Let it Dry

Once you have glued the lawn ornament on the top, you need to let everything dry. The best type of glue will be a waterproof bonding agent, so make sure you choose your glue wisely. Follow the instructions for drying that are provided with the glue.

Step 5. Threading the Hose

You will need to thread the hose into the hole you drilled in the base. It will need to be threaded all the way to the top where the lawn ornament is glued. Once this is in place, attach the other end to a faucet and turn the water on. First the lawn ornament will fill with water and then the water will cascade down to the base. Once it is full, turn the water off. You will need to top up the water whenever it slows.

Step 6. Fountain

For a fountain, you want to use a pump, so once the fountain is full of water, detach the end from the faucet and connect it to a pump. This will keep the water circulating, which will kept it fresh. Use a sealant at the connecting tubes to prevent leaks.