How to Make a Bird Bath Pedestal

What You'll Need
Terracotta pots
Terracotta saucer
Clear acrylic spray
Flowers, leaves or other decorative ideas

A bird bath pedestal is a great addition to decorate your garden or yard. Furthermore it provides a nice post for birds to bathe or drink, adding liveliness to your outdoor area. A bird bath pedestal can be made from various materials and it does not require much skill to build. Here we shall focus on one particular method which is very simple and only involves using terracotta accessories.

Step 1: Decide On The Location And The Size

Primarily you need to decide where you shall be placing your bird bath. Secondly, according to the area available you can then decide how large you can make it. Take the necessary measurements so as to help you decide how much material you need to acquire.

Step 2: Glue The Terracotta Pots Together

A simple but very decorative method of building a bird bath pedestal is by using terracotta pots and saucers. When you buy them make sure you wash them and allow them to dry well before starting to use them. Then, place one terracotta pot upside down and cover its base with glue. Glue the second terracotta pot to it by attaching their bases together. Press well to ensure they adhere together effectively.

Step 3: Glue The Terracotta Saucer

Next, apply glue around the circumference of the terracotta saucer and attach it to the top part of the terracotta pot. Fix them together well and allow the glue to dry. Make sure to use good quality glue which will secure them permanently together.

Step 4: Painting (optional)

You may opt to leave your bird bath pedestal in its natural terracotta color, or else you can paint it. You may wish to paint it in order to match it with other items you may have in the vicinity such as a bird feeder or plant pots.

Step 5: Spray

It is recommended that you spray some clear acrylic spray all over the bird bath pedestal. This will help to protect it against adverse weather conditions which might cause its look to deteriorate a bit. It is best to apply more than one coating so as to provide extra protection.

Step 6: Decorating (optional)

You may also wish to decorate the bird bath pedestal in some way or another. There are various ways, such as applying a garland of flowers around the pedestal or by attaching leaves around the circular area of the pot.

Step 7: Fill With Water

Fill it with water and you are done. Now you can enjoy seeing the birds flying to it and filling the air with chirps and twitters. Make sure to change the water on a regular basis.


Although there are some other methods to build a bird bath pedestal this is certainly the simplest and cheapest way to do it and the result is very nice-looking.