How to Make a Blackout Lining for Bamboo Shades

What You'll Need
Blackout material
Fabric glue or sewing machine
Tape measure
Iron (optional)
Hot glue gun (optional)

Bamboo shades are both a stylish and effective way to limit the light and have privacy in your home. To improve their performance, however, you may consider adding a blackout liner. A blackout liner will not only block more light and provide total privacy, it will also protect your shades from sun damage.

While it’s easy to purchase a blackout liner, window treatments can get pricey, so here’s a quick how to for making your own.

Step 1 – Take Your Window Measurements

Using the tape measure, get the sizes of both your bamboo shades and your window. Determine if you want your liner to cover the whole window, or just the space that the shades cover. Remember, covering your whole window will prevent any light from coming through the cracks.

Step 2 – Choose Your Material

A PVC based black out material is available in the window treatment section of most home improvement stores. This material will suit the light blocking needs for any home but it can emit an unpleasant scent when it is first used. If you opt for another material make sure it is stiff and will block light as your need it to.

Remember that whatever you have on the back of your shades is what will be seen from the outside of your house. Considering the color and style of your material may be an important factor in selecting what to use for making your black out liner.

Step 3 – Cutting it Close

Mark your measurements on your blackout material with chalk, and mark an extra half inch on all sides for hems. Cut material accordingly and hem by folding over twice on all sides using either a sewing machine or fabric glue. If hems aren’t flat, carefully and quickly iron over them, making sure not to melt the material as you work. Check for any frayed edges that could lead to problems with your shades in the future.

Step 4 – Make the Connection

Depending on the style of your bamboo shades, you can determine the best way to attach your black out liner. If they are roll down shades, you can just glue or stitch the liner to the back of them. If not, you may have to attach the blackout liner to the window behind it, in which case you may want to look into a way to roll it up on it’s own.

Adding a blackout liner can add an extra sense of security to your home. It will allow your greater control over how much light you let it, provide maximum privacy, and protect your shades from sun damage. Choosing the right material, getting the proper measurements and making sure you take the time to keep your hems straight and your lines clean will guarantee that your black out liner will last you as long as the shades themselves, if not longer.