How to Make a Boat Trailer

What You'll Need
Two-inch galvanized metal tubing
Hub, wheel, and axle kit, designed for a small trailer, approximately five-feet in width
Galvanized strips, one-inch by 3/16-inch
Half-inch galvanized bolts and lock washers
Six-inch U-bolts, cross-brackets, and nuts
Two pressure treated 2x4s, eight-feet long
Indoor-outdoor carpet
Hitch ball receiver (class three)
Small LED light kit
Light-duty winch
Tie-down hooks

Making a boat trailer for a small boat is a simple and easy building project. Jon boats, and other similar small boats, are well known for their use in duck hunting and fishing. Stable and lightweight, they can be launched easily and can be re-trailered without a launch ramp. Building your own trailer for such a vessel, as opposed to buying one, can save you some money and be a great weekend project.

Step 1 - Get Started

Measure the width and length of your boat. Then, add four feet to the boat’s length to get the finished length of your new trailer. Your galvanized tube must be cut to this length, as it will form the backbone of the trailer.

Step 2 - Attach Crossbeams

Cut two pieces of galvanized tubing to the same width as the mounting pads of the axle kit. These pieces will be used as crossbeams, to distribute the weight of the boat on the trailer. Mount these tubes on the upside of the backbone tube using galvanized U-straps. Then, place the rear crossbeam about two feet from the rear end of the trailer, and place the front crossbeam approximately two feet in front of the rear one.

Step 3 - Add Support

Cut two 2 1/2-inch pieces of tubing for the support of the crossbeams. These should be attached parallel to and level with the center beam of the boat trailer. Fix the right and left galvanized tubing in place at both ends, and to the axle mounts in the middle. Use a drill to make the necessary holes to bolt these pieces into place.

Step 4 - Attach Frame

Attach these assembled parts of the boat trailer to the center beam with two U-bolts on each crossbeam. U-bolts should be placed with threads facing downwards. The two 2x4 studs should now be mounted to the crossbeams using galvanized steel U-brackets. These should be installed in such a way as to be able to swivel slightly, in order to conform to the boat’s bottom. Space the studs so they are located about six inches to the inside of the location where each side of the boat will rest above them. Cover the studs with indoor-outdoor carpet to protect the boat’s finish and to make loading and unloading the boat easier.

Step 5 - Add Wheels

Attach hubs to the axles, being certain to pack both the bearings and hubs with grease. Then, attach your wheels and tighten the lugs.

Step 6 - Finish

Attach the hitch securely to the front end of the center beam. Then, install the light kit at the rear end of the trailer, and run the wires through tubes to the front. Mount the winch using a one-foot piece of square tubing at the boat trailer’s front end, and attach a small piece of carpet-covered wood to the front, as a stop. Finally, install tie-down hooks along the frame in order to properly secure the boat to your boat trailer.