How to Make a Bunk Bed Tent

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Needle and thread
Choice of fabric
Tape measure
Power drill
Curtain weights or pennies
Two wooden curtain rods and related fasteners
Note pad and pen

By adding a tent to your children’s bunk bed, you can create a feeling of privacy, which could actually encourage your children to go to sleep. With a little effort, you can design and make a fun addition to a bunk bed.

Step 1 – Preparation

Measure the length of the bunk bed, the circumference of it and the distance from the ceiling above the bed to the point where you want the curtain panel to fall (it is recommended that you make it reach the floor). If one side of the bunk bed is up against a wall, exclude this from all your measurements as a panel won’t need to fall along this side.

Be prepared to make the panels yourself because of the unusual measurements. If the heavyweight material that you choose is not lined, ensure that you also buy some lighter material that you can use as lining.

Step 2 – Assemble

Once you have gathered all the tools and equipment needed, you will be in a position to begin assembly of the curtains. Add half an inch to the measurements that you have already noted to allow for the seams. With the display side pressed together, sew the curtain and lining using a sewing machine to complete a simple straight seam around the edges. Do not forget to leave a small gap at the bottom for turning. Continue this process for as many panels as are required. After turning the curtain out, slot some curtain weights or pennies into the corners and stitch them into place to secure them. You can then sew the gap closed by hand. Attach the strip required to enable the curtain to hang from the rail.   

Step 3 – Fit Curtain Rail

In accordance with the instructions, fit the curtain rail above the bed by drilling holes to accommodate the screws. Where the bunk bed is open at both sides, two curtain rails will be required side by side at a center point on the ceiling above the bed. Make sure that the curtain rings do not hinder each other.  

Step 4 – Hang Curtain Panels

Hang the panels so that one hangs from each curtain rail so that they fall either side of the bed. This will only need to be done once if the bed is aligned with a wall on one side.  Let the curtain drop and position it to hang where required. Cut strips of Velcro of approximately 3 inches long and slide them beneath the hanging panels at the foot end of the bed. With both sides of the Velcro strip still together, remove the backing from one side to expose the adhesive side and stick it to bottom rung of the top bunk. Remove the backing from the other side and press it into the curtain. Secure the Velcro further by stitching it to the curtain.