How to Make a Camping Shower out of a Shower Curtain Liner

What You'll Need
Shower curtain liner
Hunting knife
4 bungee cords with hooked ends
Mesh screen or strainer screen
Waterproof duct tape

A shower curtain liner is an amazingly versatile item for a camper and can be fashioned into just about anything including a re-usable solar camp shower. All you need is the shower curtain liner, some waterproof duct tape, a strainer or mesh screen, rope, bungees, and a little bit of time and ingenuity. A shower curtain camp shower can be used several times and will give you that little piece of civilization in the wild. It is also incredibly easy to pack and takes up very little room.

Step 1 – Transform the Shower Curtain

Find a soft patch of grass or flat surface and lay your shower curtain out. Using your knife trim the shower curtain so that it forms an even square. Depending on the shower curtain this may take very little trimming at all. Cut a small slit into each corner of the curtain. In the middle of the tarp place your screen and secure with waterproof duct tape.

Step 2 – Choose a Location for Your Shower and Hang It Up

Attach a bungee cord into each corner so that the hook on one end is attached through the slit and the other end is exposed away from the curtain. Fashion a loop knot at one end of your rope. Attach the four hooks on the four bungee cords to or through the loop you have created with the rope. Attach the other end of the rope securely to a branch or limb. Your new camp shower should hang in an upside down balloon manner.

Step 3 – Fill the Shower with Water and Let the Sun Do Its Work

Fill the shower 3/4 full with water. Make sure that the shower is hanging in an area that receives direct sunlight for at least half of the day. After filling the shower just walk away. Let the sun heat the water while you enjoy your campsite. If you are pressed for time, you can move to the next step and utilize your shower now or you can wait at least 4 hours for a nice warm comforting shower.

Step 4 - Enjoy the Benefits of Your Camping Shower

Cut a small criss-cross hole in the bottom of the shower just under the mesh ring. The pressure of the water and gravity will do their work allowing a steady flow of water from the shower. The installed mesh will keep any debris in the bag and away from your body. When you are done with your shower do not forget to place a bucket under the shower opening to catch any leftover water. That water can be reused for cooking, cleaning and drinking. When the shower has finished draining, remove it from the branch and let it dry in the sun. Tape over the drain hole, roll up the curtain, and pack the curtain and supplies with the rest of your gear.