How to Make a Can Storage Shelf for Canned Goods

What You'll Need
12 pieces of plywood
48 pieces of 1-inch strip
4 2x4's
48 "L" brackets
Tape measure

A storage shelf that is specifically for canned goods is a much better alternative than finding areas under a sink or in a pantry to stack them. Running down to the local home improvement store can net you the proper materials to build your own canned goods storage shelf. Doing homemade shelving projects on your own is not difficult and can save you money. The best part of the project is that you can have the home improvement store cut the wood you need for the storage shelf at no extra charge. The following article will show you how to make homemade shelving for the purpose of building a canned goods storage shelf.

Step 1 - Determine the Size

Decide where you wish to put the finished storage shelf and measure the space with the tape measure. You need to know how long the space is, how deep and how high. From these measurements you can decide how large the canned goods storage shelf should be. The instructions here are assuming that you will have 12 shelves and that the homemade shelving unit will be as wide and deep as the plywood sheets allow. You can measure the height of the cans and have the plywood cut to that depth plus an inch if you like. It will also be as tall as the 2x4 standing on end.

Step 2 - Attaching the Brackets

This canned goods storage shelf is a great build because it is made to be slightly uneven. This means that when you remove a can from a shelf the rest will roll to the end. The 2x4 boards are going to be the legs of the storage shelf and the plywood sheets are the actual shelves. The shelves are attach to the supports by using the "L" brackets. Choose two 2x4s to be the front supports. Lay them on the floor and on the left front support measure from the bottom up every six inches. Make a mark then nail the brackets in place. You should have 12 brackets. On the right front support measure one inch from the bottom, make a mark and then measure every six inches up from that spot. Nail in the brackets. Repeat with the back left and back right supports.

Step 3 - Shelf Lip

Place the two front supports on the ground so that they are even with each other. Place the one inch strips on the supports so they line up with the brackets. Nail them in place. Place a strip for each bracket pair on the front and back supports.

Step 4 - Shelves

Stand the supports up, bracing the back against a wall. Stand the front section up and place a plywood shelf in the center. Nail it in place through the brackets. Continue adding shelves to the unit. Nail more strips to the sides of the unit so that they line up with the shelves. There should be 24 side strips.