How to Make a Car Seat Cover

  • 4-6 hours
  • 50-250
What You'll Need
pair of scissors
fabric of your choice
tape measure
straight pins
sewing machine

A self-made car seat cover can add personality and uniqueness to your vehicle. As there are no limitations regarding the color, patterns and type of material which can be used, you can give free reign to your imagination and fashion a seat cover exactly the way you want it to be. By dedicating to the task not more than a weekend afternoon, you can create a protective cover that is not only comfortable and durable, but also catches the eye of every passenger in the car.

Step 1–Choose Fabric

Pick fabric of your liking. There is quite a large variety on the market when it comes to car seat fabrics. You can choose from materials such as denim, plush, leather, mesh, polyester, suede and velvet. Before you buy one of these there are some questions you should ask yourself.

Does the selected fabric match the preferences of the people who will be using the seat? Some individuals will want a plush or velvet cover, while others may prefer leather or polyester one. Is the fabric strong enough to allow processing (cutting, sewing, etc.) and considerable subsequent usage? Denim, for example, will be more difficult to cut and sew than velvet or suede, but it will provide better wear-resistance. How much does the fabric cost? Go online and visit your local store to check fabric prices.

Step 2–Make Measurements for the Cover

Use the tape measure to determine how much material you will need. Measure the seat you want to cover and allow an additional border of 1 1/2 inches for sewing. Be sure to measure twice as to avoid cutting mistakes. If the seat has complex shapes, use a sheet of paper to cut out appropriate patterns.

With the pencil, mark the measurements on to the seat cover fabric.

Step 3–Cut the Material

Take the scissors and carefully cut the fabric along the delineated lines. You should end up with several separate parts ready to be sewn together.

Step 4–Join the Cover Pieces

Connect the cover pieces with straight pins which will hold the material in place during the sewing. Make sure that the fabric is turned inside out so that the seam remains on the inside of the cover.

Step 5–Sew the Seat Cover

Run the cover pieces through the sewing machine and, if you want a one-piece cover, join the upper and lower parts with a connecting seam. When running the seat cover through the sewing machine, keep one hand on the fabric to make sure it is going correctly. It is best to go slowly. If necessary, cut out holes for the safety belts and hem them.

You may also want to cut, hem and attach a fabric rope to the bottom side of the seat cover so that it stays firmly secured during driving.