How to Make a Cat Bed Warmer

What You'll Need
Old Fabric Bag or 2 pieces of Fabric the size of your cat bed
Sewing Pins
Sewing Machine
Uncooked Rice
Old Towel

A cat bed, either inside or outside your household gives your cat a place with which to identify when their sleeping time comes. This avoids having cats sleeping on couches or on beds and cat bed warmers help create a comfort zone for your pets to sleep in. In fact, they are the ideal solution for those who keep their cats outdoors in winter. Moreover, they are also easy and inexpensive to make.

Step 1 - Preparation

For the cat bed warmer you will be using an old fabric bag. However, if you do not have an old fabric bag, you can create one yourself. Get the two pieces of fabric and place them with the right sides facing each other. Pin 3 sides together using sewing pins and then stitch them with a sewing machine. Now turn the bag inside out and stitch ¾ of the fourth side with a sewing machine leaving only enough space to insert a funnel in the bag. As soon as you are finished with the stitching you should immediately remove any pins.

Step 2 – Filling the Bed Warmer

You will be using uncooked loose rice to fill in the cat bed warmer. Rice is the best solution because it easily moves around the bag when the cat is on top of it and it also keeps a lot of air pockets for heath preservation. Now place the funnel in the unsown gap and pour the rice through it and into the bag. Remember not to fill the bag too tightly with rice; filling it up to ¾ of the way is enough. Then remove the funnel and press together the unsown gap using sewing pins to keep it in place.

Step 3 – Stitching the Bed Warmer

At this point you should have the bag filled in with loose rice and closed up with sewing pins. Use the sewing machine to sew up the last bit and then remove any sewing pins.

Step 4 – Warming the Bed

This step is not strictly necessary and can be skipped. However, you can put the bag in the microwave oven just to heat it up a bit before putting it in the cat bed. Once the bed warmer is warm enough you can wrap it in the old towel and put it in the cat bed. This will make sure that the cat doesn’t pull back from the bed warmer ending up sleeping away from its own cat bed.

This is the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way of creating a cat bed warmer. This neat little rice bag can be repeatedly heated up for your cat to sleep on. However, rest assured that if not heated up beforehand, the bed warmer will eventually warm up after a couple of minutes from the cat’s own body heat.