How to Make a Cat Furniture Tree Out of Old Boxes and Carpet

What You'll Need
Cardboard boxes
Box cutter
Duct tape
Strong adhesive
Catnip oil

A cat furniture tree is a nice thing to provide your cat. It is in the nature of a cat to sharpen its claws, and they will usually use your furniture to achieve that goal. They do not mean any harm in doing so it is merely instinct. A cat furniture tree can be quite expensive to buy, and building one yourself can also be difficult. You can, however, create a simple cat furniture tree out of boxes around your home and scraps of carpet. The project is not at all difficult, and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 - The Basic Form

Gather together your cardboard boxes and use the box cutter to disassemble them. Create several squares that measure 18-inches on each side to use as a base. The post will be created out of 12 pieces of cardboard 24-inches long and 6-inches wide. The thickness of the cardboard will inevitably determine the strength of the cat tree.

Step 2 - Assemble the Base

The cardboard cut for the base will create a stable floor for the post of the cat furniture tree and prevent it from falling over. First, spread the adhesive over the top of one of the base layers. Be certain to get the edges as well as the center of the cardboard. Place one layer on top of this one and apply adhesive to it and add a third layer. Cover the edges of the base with duct tape.

Step 3 - Assemble the Post

The post will have four sides. As you assembled the base, you will repeat with each side of the post. Each side will consist of three layers stacked and glued just as the base. Apply a line of glue along the bottom edge of one of the side stacks and place it against the edge of another stack. While you are holding it in place, put a strip of duct tape on the inside where they meet. Repeat with the remaining two sides. Once the glue has dried, connect both halves in the same manner as the other pieces. Add duct tape along the edges on the outside. Place the assembled post on top of cardboard and trace the bottom. Cut out 6 pieces of this size, stack and glue as the base and post. Glue and tape each to the top and bottom of the post to form a cap.

Step 4 - Carpeting

Place the base on a piece of carpet and trim it to size. Place post in the center of the carpet and remove a square the size of the post. Glue the post to the center of the base and tape it down to secure it in place. Cut the carpet into strips the size of each side of the post and glue them in place. Repeat the process for the top cap of the post. Apply glue on the top of the base and slide the carpet over the post.