How to Make a Cement Bird Bath

What You'll Need
Ready-Mixed Cement Bag (20-grams)
Small Shovel
Empty Bucket
Plastic Wrap
Hardware Cloth
Flat Knife & Sharp Knife
Paper Cup
4inch diameter tube at a desired height

A cement bird bath is a brilliant addition to your garden. In fact, it is a splendid way to attract birds and to add a focal point to your garden. Cement is the perfect choice for an easy to build bird bath, especially because it is quick and easy to use.

Step 1 – Preparation

The first thing you should do is to decide on the actual size of your bird bath. Making use of sand which has been previously dampened, (remember to wet it) to create the basic shape and size of the bath. Get wet sand and create a mound-like shape (like an upside-down bowl) to the size you want. You will need the sand to be wet so that it stays in shape. Once your shape is ready, cover it with plastic wrap.

Step 2 – Mixing Cement

Since you have pre-mixed cement, all you have to do is to add water to it. Use the bucket and fill 1/3 of it with water. Then, keep on adding and mixing cement until you get a paste-like mixture. The cement mixture should be liquid but not too liquidy.

Step 3 – Making the Bird Bath

By now you should have a covered sand mound and the cement at hand. Use a small shovel to put some cement on the mound. Use your flat knife to spread the cement around the mound. Keep on adding and smoothing until the mound is completely covered with a ½ inch cement layer. Once the cement layer is done, you should cover it with a hardware cloth for protection.

Step 4 – Creating a Peg for the Pedestal

Now that the bowl is ready, you can go on creating a peg which will connect your bowl to the pedestal. For this, you will use a small, tapered paper cup with a wider top than bottom. Make sure that the cup fits inside the tube you are going to use as a pedestal. Now get the cup, grease it with oil, and fill it with cement.

Once the cement has dried, you can place it on top of the upside-down bowl.

Step 5 – Creating the Pedestal

Now that the bowl and peg are done, you can move onto the actual pedestal. For this you will use the 4inch diameter tube at a height of your choice. Get the tube and cover one end with plastic and fill it with cement. Push your filled paper cup in the fresh cement so that you get space for your peg to fit in. As soon as you fit in the cup, you should remove it. Now let all the cement dry for at least two days.

Step 6 – Finishing Up

Now you should have all the cement parts for your bird bath. Once all the cement has dried, you can get a sharp knife and cut away the tube to uncover the cement pedestal. Then, remove the paper cup from the cement peg and the bowl from the sand. Now you can attach the peg to the bowl. In order to do this, you should drill a hole through the base of the bowl and into the peg. These can be screwed together using a screw. Now you can place the bowl with the peg on top of the cement pedestal.

This is the easiest method for creating a cement bird bath. Remember that this same procedure can be used for different shaped baths, and you can place them in your flower bed instead of using a pedestal.