How to Make a Chain Link Bed Headboard

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  • 3-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Pencil and paper
2 metal poles
2 metal rails
Chain link fencing
Tension rod brackets
Rail end caps
2 tension bars
End caps for the poles

A bed headboard can come in many different styles and materials. If your bed does not have a headboard, you can personalize it by adding one suited to your taste and style. A chain link bed headboard is made of chain link fencing connected to metal poles. This gives an industrial look to your bed.

Step 1 - Measure

Use the measuring tape to take measurements, and write them down on a piece of paper. First of all, measure the height of the bed and then double the measurement. This is the height of the poles. Measure the width of the bed, which is going to be the length of the rails. The length of the fencing will be the same as the width of the bed, and the height will be the same as that of the height of the poles.

Step 2 - Select the Materials

The poles used for chain link fencing are usually round in shape. The poles and rails usually come in a standard size. If needed, your home improvement store can cut the poles, rails and chain-link fencing to the right size for your bed headboard.

Step 3 - Arrange the Poles and Rails

As all the materials are now ready to make the bed headboard, you can start arranging the poles and rails. Place the poles on the floor, parallel to each other. Then place the rails between the poles, parallel to each other. The poles and rails form the four sides of the bed headboard.

Step 4 - Attach Tension Rod Brackets

You need eight tension rods on each of the poles, on either side. The uppermost and lowermost tension rods connect the poles to the rails. The three tension rod brackets in the middle attach the poles to the chain-link fencing and the remaining two brackets attach the whole bed headboard to the bed.

Step 5 - Attach Rail End Caps

You need four rail-end caps for this. Attach each of the rail-end caps to the four outermost tension rod brackets.

Step 6 - Attach the Chain Link Fencing to the Basic Frame

Insert the tension bar into the fencing on both sides. At this stage, you need someone to help you. Attach the tension rod brackets in the middle of one pole to the tension bar. Stretch the fencing, and attach it to the brackets on the other side as well.

Step 7 - Attach the Bed Headboard to the Bed

Use the remaining two tension rod brackets to attach the bed headboard to the bed. Now, pre-drill screw holes on the bed frame and attach the brackets to the bed frame, using screws.