How to Make a Cigar Hygrometer

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10
What You'll Need
Empty Carton (Milk, Juice, etc)
Thin Stiff Wire
Sewing Needle
Card with Scales
Paper Clip
Hair Strands

A cigar hygrometer is an important device used to measure the relative humidity in a cigar humidor. In order to ensure that the humidor retains constant levels of moisture, you can either buy a ready-made hygrometer or make a simple one by following the steps below.

Step 1 – Preparing Materials

This project requires a clean empty carton from any consumed liquid product such as milk or juice. Rinse the carton and let it dry. Afterward, pick a person with long strands of hair (about 8 inches) and pluck out about three strands. Prepare a large needle to work as the pointer, and a thin stiff wire to serve as the pointer spindle. The wire should be at least 1-inch longer than the width of the carton.

To prepare the scales, cut out a square of cardboard with sides equal to the width of the carton. On the bottom half of the cardboard, draw a semi-circular scale. This will be used later as an indication of relative humidity. Obtain a penny as well to serve as the weight in which the strands of hair will be glued to.

Step 2 – Building the Hygrometer

Just to make sure this does not get confusing, lay the carton on a flat surface and make sure its length sits parallel with the table and not perpendicular. On the top surface of the box, insert two-thirds of the paper clip into the middle portion of the farthest side to the right.

Still, on the top side of the carton one inch away from the side farthest to the left, cut an H-shape using a razor cutter. The H-shape should have a width of one inch. Bend up the two tabs created from the cut and trim them to form 1x1 square tabs.

Determine the exact middle portion of the square tabs and mark them. Push the thin stiff wire into marked spots on the tabs to create the pointer spindle. On the front side of the carton just beneath the pointer spindle, glue the ready-made cardboard scale. To create the pointer, simply attach the point of the needle to the side of the thin wire just above the cardboard scale.

Glue one end of a hair strand to the penny and use the other end to wrap it around three to four times on the pointer spindle. Tie the other end of the hair strand to the paper clip while allowing the penny to hang about halfway down the box.

Step 3 – Set the Hygrometer

While the hair is still dry, the pointer points to a certain location on the scale. Mark that as zero. Afterward, allow the device to stay in a humid bathroom until the hygrometer reaches maximum humidity reading. Check the location of the pointer and mark that as 100 percent. The cigar hygrometer is now ready to be used inside the hygrometer.