How to Make a Clothe Skylight Cover

What You'll Need
Sewing equipment
Measurement Tape

A skylight cover is used to reduce heat coming through skylights. It is also used for decorating rooms. To reduce heat, a thicker and more absorbent cloth should be used and to reduce light intensity or to decorate, a lighter material can be considered. You can save money if you make the skylight cover yourself.

1. Measurements

Measure the dimensions of the skylight. Remember to buy a little extra cloth than the actual measurements require while buying the material.

2. Cutting and Sewing

Before cutting, you will also need to consider the design for your skylight cover, whether you want a flowing or straight cover. Also design some loops that will hold the fabric onto the hooks. Now, cut your fabric according to the measurements and allow for hemming. 

3. Drilling and Hooking

Drill holes for the hooks on your ceiling at a distance of about 10 inches between each hole and proceed to screw in the hooks.

4. Attach Loops

You will then take measurements of the hooks and transfer to the material so as to attach loops which will hold the fabric to the hooks.

5. Hang Cover

Hang your cover on the hooks with a taught or flowing design depending on your preference, you should consider the taught fabric option if you are using the cover to reduce heat intensity.