How to Make a Copper Bird Bath

What You'll Need
1 square sheet of 16 mil copper, 2 feet in length and width
Tin snips
Ball peen hammer
Cooking wok or round rock
Power sander
Copper lacquer

A copper bird bath is a stylish way to attract chirpy feathered friends to your garden or back yard. Instead of spending money purchasing one from a store, you can make this beautiful garden accent over the weekend to increase the appeal of your place. All you need is a little practice with hammering copper and you are ready to begin.

Remember, copper sheets come in various degrees of thickness known as mil. A sheet 1 mil thick will look like aluminum foil, while a 16 mil sheet can hold any shape easily.

Step 1- Cut the Copper Sheet

Wear your gloves before handling the square copper sheet since the edges will be rough. Cut the corners off the sheet with the snips so it resembles a rough circle.

Step 2 – Practice Pounding the Scrap Pieces

Take the scrap corner pieces and practice pounding on them using a ball peen hammer. This hammer has a rounded ball point on one side and should be used ideally, but you may use mallets, specialty hammers, leather tools or anything you find interesting. Hit softly to avoid creating a dent.

You can also take turns putting wood, cement, rock or an old carpet under your scrap corners to learn how a different pattern is made.

Step 3 – Pound the Inside

Commence pounding on the copper circle once you have practiced enough on the scrap pieces. Place a cushion or carpet under your copper circle and pound the center, working your way outwards towards the edges. This will serve as the inside of your bird bath, and you will notice a bowl will start to form.

Step 4 – Pound the Outside

When your bird bath resembles a bowl, you need to stop pounding the inside and begin working on the outside. Put a towel or other padding over your cast iron cooking wok and place the bird bath over it. Use a large round rock or any round shape that is at least 10 inches in diameter if you do not have a wok.

With the wok as a mould, begin pounding the outside of your copper bird bath. This will enhance the round shape and make a pattern on the outside.

Step 5 – Finishing the Bird Bath

Stop pounding once you are pleased with the pattern and shape of your bird bath. Smooth out the sharp rough edges using a power sander. You can apply a coat or two of any copper lacquer available at hardware stores to your bird bath.

Step 6 - Hanging the Bird Bath

Drill or nail 3 holes around the edges of your bird bath and take a chain or rope through them to hang it on a sturdy tree. If hanging is not an option, place your bird bath on a high pillar and fill it with fresh water for the birds to enjoy.