How to Make a Corner TV Stand

Plywood boards
  • 2-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Plywood boards or natural lumber
Pull-push rule or solid meter rule
Wood screws
Circular saw
Paint brush

A corner TV stand maximizes space in a small bedroom or apartment. If you’re not using a corner TV stand or what you have is getting old, it’s time to create one. Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to make a corner TV stand using regular woodworking tools and your basic knowledge in carpentry.

Step 1 - Measure the TV Base

Although a flat screen TV may occupy a smaller base area, the base width of a CRT (cathode ray tube) TV will determine the size of the corner TV stand. If you don’t own a CRT TV, measure the base width of a CRT TV that is nearest in length to your plasma TV. Provide allowance on each side, especially on the left and right side. A three-to four-inch allowance will do. Use a pull push rule and take note of the measurements.

Step 2 - Cut the Wood Boards

Plywood boards are ideal for making a simple corner TV stand because they are light, sturdy and easy to cut. Two high quality eight-foot by four-foot plywood boards with ¾-inch thickness are appropriate for this project. Cut one of the boards into two four-foot by four-foot sections. Draw a diagonal line through one of the 4x4-foot squares. Cut along the diagonal line, dividing the square into two triangles. These triangles will form the top and bottom sections of the stand.

Step 3 - Create the Pieces for the Middle Shelf

marking a piece of lumber before cutting

The other square piece can be cut to make the components for the middle shelf. To do this, make a three-foot by nine-inch measurement at a corner of the board. Draw a diagonal line to form a triangle. Cut the triangle with a saw.

Step 4 - Create the Sides

Fabricate the sides by cutting two three-foot eight-inch long by two-foot rectangular pieces of plywood.

Step 5 - Sand and Paint

Sand the cut plywood for a smooth finish. Apply paint using a paintbrush. Staining with varnish is also a good way to add color on the parts. Use a sponge to build an even stain. Leave the parts to dry.

Step 6 - Gather the Pieces

Gather the pieces together and position for assembly. Bring the two sides and one large triangular bottom piece first. Start with the right corner of the bottom piece; measure and mark two-inch allowances for each side. This will serve as the space for the cords.

Step 7 - Attach the Base

cutting a sheet of plywood

Attach the side pieces onto the bottom triangular piece. Use the marks as guides and secure the pieces using wood screws.

Step 8 - Install the Top Piece

The completed portion may not be sanded before installing the top piece. Simply line the top piece with the bottom piece and secure it using wood screws.

The middle shelf is ready for assembly. Aside from functioning as storage for video player, CDs and speakers, a middle shelf also serves as extra support.