How to Make a Costume Wig

It’s sometimes difficult to make a costume for Halloween without making a wig that goes along with the costume. Whether you are going to a costume party or need to make a child’s costume for school, a wig will complete the costume and help finish the look you want to achieve.

Basic Wig

One type of costume wig is made of rug yarn (or any thick yarn) and can be used with a variety of costumes, although it is best known for being used with clown costumes. Rug yarn usually comes in loops in each skein. If the yarn is not in loops, you will have to form them by using the back of a chair or ask a friend to spread their hands 1 foot apart. With 6 skeins of a bright color, such as orange or yellow, even up the loops and tie them together at one end, then, cut the opposite end to make the individual strands. These can be spread on the head to make it look like a clown wig. Fasten down with bobby pins.

Customizing the Basic Wig

To make the same wig for a rag doll costume, spread the yarn across the back of the head and down the neck. Take two sections on either side of the head and braid them, forming pigtails on both sides. For a regular doll costume, do not braid the sections; tie up to make pigtails.

For a Cleopatra wig, make the basic wig, using 8 skeins instead of 6 to make it thicker. Make it out of black yarn and spread evenly around the sides and back of the head. Accent with a gold headband around the forehead.

A Longer Form of the Wig

For a witch or Indian wig, make the wig out of black yarn and instead of tying the loops together, cut them, forming long strands from each skein. Lay them out straight, evening them up, and tie together tightly at one end. This will make a wig with longer “hair.” The knot at the top can be covered with a witch’s hat or an Indian headdress.

For a wig that can be used for a rock or reggae singer costume, make dreadlocks by braiding every 6 strands together. Tie a bead at the end of each braid to keep the braid from unraveling. Use a hat to cover the knot at the top.

For an old lady wig, use gray yarn and spread over the ears and gather at the back of the neck. Tie together with a piece of yarn, then raise the pony tail over the knot at the top, forming a bun. Use bobby pins to hold in place.

For a pirate wig, spread the yarn over the head, and section off 12 strands on both sides of the face at the front to form braids. Top off with a pirate’s hat to hide the knot.