How to Make a Custom Motorcycle Stand

What You'll Need
4 feet of 1-inch steel pipe
Blow torch
1/4" sheet metal

A motorcycle stand helps to lift and hold the motorcycle's back wheel off the ground. This allows the motorcycle to stand upright without using the kickstand. In addition, the stand can prove to be handy when you need to work on certain parts of it, especially the rear parts such as wheel, chain or brakes. Finally, it helps while displaying bike at shows so that people can see it in upright position and not at an angle. Though, it may seem to be very difficult task, you can actually make a motorcycle stand yourself. Here's how you do it.

Step 1 – Adjust Measurements

You might need to adjust the measurements used below, per your requirements and the dimensions of your bike.

Step 2 – Mark the Middle Section

Take 4 foot long 1-inch wide steel pipe and mark two points on it 4-inch from the center on the either side to get an 8-inch section in middle.

Step 3 – Bend the Pipe

Bend the pipe at the marked points into a U-shape. The middle 8-inch section forms the bottom curve of “U”. Use the metal benders for this purpose.

Step 4 – Mark Points

Mark two more points on the vertical sides of pipe 24 inches from corners of “U” shape.

Step 5 – Bend the Arms

Bend the pipe upwards and backwards towards corners of "U" shape at both ends. These become the "arms" of the stand and when the stand will be laid on ground, these will extend vertically.

Step 6 – Slide the Stand

Slide the stand under bike. Make sure that both the arms fit under rear fork and are also close enough to intersect.

Step 7 – Cut-off Excess Pipe

Both the arms should be around 4 inches higher than the bottom of the rear forks so as to lift the bike enough off ground. Cut off the excess pipe from ends of these arms.

Step 8 – Cut Metal Sheet

Use a regular metal saw to cut two pieces from 1/4 inch metal sheet. The pieces should be 2-inch by 4-inch.

Step 9 – Weld Sheet Pieces

Weld these pieces to the top ends of arms of the stand. Use a gas arc welder for this purpose. These will act as the base for the rear forks.

Step 10 – Cut the Pipe for Handle

Cut the left over section of steel pipe and shape it to fit on the back edge of “U” shape that you made in step 2.

Step 11 – Make Handle

Arc the end of extra section to fit it around the pipe frame. Weld it to “U” to make it the stand’s handle.

Step 12 – Test the Stand

Grasp the handle, tilt stand forward, slide it under bike, and then push bike’s handle to prop it up till it is on stand to check if all the dimensions are correct.