How to Make a Dog Car Seat Cover

What You'll Need
Sewing Machine
Fabric (or fitted sheet)
Measuring Tape
Large safety pins
Velcro or Buttons

A dog car seat cover can provide all the protection you need against dog hair getting onto your seat. The price of a store-bought cover can be pricey depending on the size of your dog. Generally the larger the dog, the larger the cover, which equates to a higher price tag. A great alternative to purchasing a cover is to make one yourself. If you have a sewing machine on hand then it will take you only a few hours to create your own.

Step 1 – Correct Measurements

The best way to ensure that your seat is protected is to cover all of it. You will need to take a few measurements to ensure that your new cover will fit over the seat properly. Take down the width and length. You will need a few measurements for the length, one spanning the length of the backrest and one from the top of the headrest down the front of the seat. The cover will fit over the front and back of the seat and will typically slope like a hammock down the front.

Step 2 – The Material

There is plenty of material out there to choose from but you want something durable and that can be washed frequently. Upholstery fabric is quite tough. If you are not comfortable with a lot of sewing, you can use a fitted sheet. Just make sure the sheet is a bit larger than what you measures. If not, it will not fit. 

Step 3 – Sewing

Cut the material out to the needed shapes. You want to think of this cover like a big pillow case, except it fits over the car seat. To minimize the number of seams you need to sew, fold the sheet in half, and then run a seam down the sides. Leave one side open so you can slide the cover over the seat. This is a very basic way to make a cover; if you have more sewing knowledge, you can create curved corners. An easy way to secure everything is with Velcro straps. Sew the Velcro straps to the open end so that when they overlap it will pull the cover tight.

Step 4 – Pinning a Fitted Sheet

If you have opted to use a fitted sheet, you will need to pin the sheet to fit the seat properly. Hook the corners of the sheet around the headrests. You can tuck the sheet corners into the seat if the back seat folds down. If not, pin the corners to ensure that the sheet stays put. You can either choose to make a hammock by hooking the rest of the sheet on the front headrests or you can tuck the sheet under the car seat.

Step 5 – Easy Access

If you rarely have your pet in the car with you. a fitted sheet may be the best option, as it is very easy to take in and out of the car. If you regularly have your pet in the car with you then creating a more permanent and durable cover seat will be preferred.