How To Make Double Bullnose Trim

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Double bullnose trim is a term that refers to a 180-degree curve for the edge of a countertop or any other carpentry situation for that matter. Here the radius of the curve is the same on both sides of the tile. If planning on a do-it-yourself project using a double bullnose trim, here are the required materials.

As long as the tools are familiar and there is enough time to practice until skills are perfected, this will be a fun activity for the weekend. If planned right, it is not necessary to get an expert’s opinion or assistance.

Where is the Double Bullnose Trim Used?

A bullnose trim can be used for countertops and other similar applications. It gives a rounded edge that looks good and prevents injury if a person rubs against it. This trim is also used for the steps on a staircase. They are easy to make and will give a sophisticated and finished look to the project.

How to Master the Skill of Making a Double Bullnose Trim?

In order to reduce costs if it is not done right the first time, start with a small and easy project. A good plan will help make the project go smoothly so here’s how to go about doing it:


Planning is a very important step. First, picture how the finished project should look like. This will help to figure out what needs to be done. Always keep an eye on the budget to make sure the project expenses don’t surprise you.


Measure the area to be covered and decide how many tiles are required. This is a very important step and is pretty helpful when it comes to getting the job done in less time.

    Choosing the Tiles

    According to the plan buy the desired number of tiles of the desired color and texture. If on a budget, try to shop around for tiles that fit both the budget and required specifications. Always buy extra tiles in case a few happen to get broken.


    Try the tools on the tiles and get used to them before starting work on the actual project. Cheap tiles can be used for testing and practicing with the tools.

    Extra Tips

    If you wish to work with wood for your countertop or the staircase, the same double bullnose trim method can be performed using carpentry tools that are originally made for grinding and polishing. Hand-held devices can conveniently smooth out all the rough edges of the wood and give it a nice smooth finish. Always use a plumb level to make sure to lay the granite, wood, or tiles in the right position.

    Handheld lasers are also known to be very useful to check the alignments. A little practice will help to get this right and once confidence is built with regard to abilities, you can take up large projects on your own.