How to Make a Drum Mat

What You'll Need
Non-Slip material
Hemming materials
Sewing machine

Any good drummer will need to have a drum mat for use under their drums so they do not walk across the floor. The drum mat is a non-slip material where the drummer can sit comfortably and know that the drums are going to stay where they placed them. Making a drum mat is an easy craft project with simple materials. 

Step 1 - Cut Out Material

Choose the material that you are going to be using for the drum mat and lay it flat on a work surface. Measure your drum set from front to back and then add another 10 inches to each measurement. Cut the material to these dimensions with a sharp pair of scissors. 

Step 2 - Hem Drum Mat

Start at one end of the drum mat and run some hemming material for a finished look. This material should be a strong material that will not rip easily. Sew it onto the mat with the use of a sewing machine. 

Step 3 - Attach Ties

Since the drum mat is made to be portable for when you have shows to perform, you will want to be able to fold it up and take it with you. Cut out small trips of material and sew them to opposite sides of the mat in the middle. Once you fold up the mat you will be able to tie it together.