How to Make a Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panel

If you are irritated with the disturbing noise from the road traffic or the music from your neighbor’s, fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels are a simple way to stop the noise from penetrating your rooms. Easy to build, and light on the pockets, these panels are functional yet elegant for your home décor.

Tools and Materials Needed:

• 1x6 Pressure Treated Lumber
• Circular Saw
• Plywood Sheet
• Batting
• Fabric
• Nails
• Drill
• Hammer
• Fiberglass Insulation Sheets

Step 1: Framing 1

A frame for setting up the wall panel has to be made with plywood sheets and with pressure treated wood blocks. The size of the frame may be determined keeping in mind the size of the room and  how much area you want to cover. Take the 1x6 lumber, and cut it to the desired size. The panel length here is 2 feet and the breadth is 4 feet. Mark these dimensions on the wood. Use a circular saw to cut the lumber into this size.

Step 2: Framing 2

Now secure the wood pieces together by gluing at the edges where they meet, making a rectangle. Drill pilot holes along the edges. Secure using drywall screws. Cut a plywood piece to the dimensions of the frame. Apply adhesive on the frame back side, where it sits on the plywood, and firmly attach to the plywood piece. Allow to dry. You can nail the ply board as well, at the edges, where it meets the frame.

Step 3: Insulation

Take fiberglass insulation sheets, and stuff it in the framed structure you made. Make sure that you add the sheets to the extent that the whole structure is filled up. Keep in mind that the sheets should be placed as long as they stay in comfortably, without needing to forcibly fit them in.

Step 4: Batting

Take polyester batting, and wrap it on the frame, over its front and side portions. Neatly, tack it at the back surface of the panel, by nailing it to the plywood. Make sure that the batting does not get creased, but that it fits tightly all over the panel. The panel must not poke through the batting and tear it off.

Step 5: Fabric Wrapping

Choose fabric of any material and color for the panel. The size of fabric purchased must be a few inches more than the dimensions of the panel. Spread out the cloth on the floor and over it, place the panel you built. The plywood back must face towards you. Neatly, wrap the cloth over the panel and collect the ends of the cloth together and nail it on the plywood surface, evenly spacing the nails at few inches gaps. Like in the batting step, make sure no creases are formed on the front surface of the fabric, and also that it does not get torn. The acoustic wall panel is ready and can be put up anywhere you like.