How to Make a Floating Corner TV Shelf

What You'll Need
Tape measure
3 inch screws
6 inch screws
Wood glue
1/4-inch plywood
Stud finder

There are many kinds of homemade shelving projects you can take on, with a TV shelf being one of the more difficult builds to attempt. The problem with a floating TV shelf is it being able to withstand the weight of a television. In order to properly distribute the weight of a television you need to make a TV shelf that is in the corner. This gives you three areas in which to support a television. The best TV suited for this kind of homemade shelving would be a smaller flat screen model. The article that follows will show you how to build your own floating corner TV shelf.

Step 1 - Cutting the Wood

Go to the corner of your home where you want the TV shelf to be installed. Use the tape measure to determine how wide the shelf should be by measuring the space between the walls. Make a mark on each wall where the line connects. Measure from the mark you made to the corner. Cut the 2x4s to this length; one for each wall. To keep the shelf thin; cut these pieces in half lengthwise. In a corner of the plywood sheet draw a line using the measurements you took and cut it out. Make a second piece. These will be the actual shelves.

Step 2 - Installing the Braces

Stack two pieces of the cut 2x4 together and screw them to form one piece. Repeat with the second set of cut 2x4. Use the stud finder along each wall you measured. Make a small mark at each stud. Line the braces up with the marks that you made previously. Use the level to make sure they are straight. Attach the braces to the wall using the longer screws with each going into the studs.

Step 3 - Adding the Shelves

Place one of the two triangle pieces of plywood on top of the braces. Slide it in so that it is snug in the corner. Nail the top shelf into the braces on bother sides. Use at least four nails to secure it. Hold the bottom piece to the braces and nail it in place with four nails as well.

Step 4 - Center Strip

The TV shelf is built and installed but you can see through to the wall. Filling this space helps the integrity of the shelf so it can withstand more weight. Use the tape measure and measure the length and width of the gap. Transfer these measurements to the 2x4 then cut it. Fit this piece of wood in the gap to make sure it fits snugly. You may have to trim the ends to make it flush with the wall. Use a series of nails on the top and the bottom of the shelf to secure the center strip in place.

Step 5 - Finishing

Gently sand the TV shelf down. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove the dust. Allow the TV shelf to dry, then apply stain.