How to Make a Floating Pond Fountain

There is nothing quite like a floating pond fountain to add a touch of pizzazz to your garden. Not only will this simple, easy-to-install feature heighten the elegance and interest of an existing pond but it will go some way towards creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere filled with the natural, musical sounds of water movement--a key element in producing a healthy ecosystem for your water feature. 


The added oxygen produced by jetting water through the air will help control the formation and spread of algae while dispersing gasses such as carbon dioxide being produced by decomposition. The movement and aeration of water will also cut down on the breeding of mosquitoes and, in summer, assist the cooling of a sun-heated pond while cutting down on surface ice during the winter months. The addition of a floating fountain also speeds up the decay of organic material such as leaves that stain the water in your pond--all of which help to create a healthier environment for fish or other aquatic organisms and, more than likely, you will see an increase in the number of birds and wildlife visiting your garden. 

Step 1 - Select the Fountain

First, you must select the fountain best suited to your chosen site. Keep a sense of perspective and scale as you make your decision. For example, a large fountain in a small pond will look out of proportion and, likewise, the opposite is true if you want your water feature to create a strong impression and not fade into insignificance. Also, consider the visibility of the location and how the fountain will enhance the landscape. 

Step 2 - Purchase a Fountain

Having made your selection and purchased the appropriate fountain you’ll need to carefully take out all the parts and lay them next to each other. Make a detailed check to ensure you have been provided with everything you’ll need. 

Step 3 - Assembly

Included in your kit, you should find an installation guide with clear and easy-to-follow directions. Assemble the parts as instructed. Floating fountain units vary but a pre-assembled unit will only need minor assembly by hand. 

Step 4 - Nozzle Selection

Select the appropriate nozzle and attach it to the top of your unit. Each spray pattern will have its own unique aesthetic quality. Geyser jets present a dramatic upward gush while rotating jets offer a more stimulating, dazzling effect. Consider the height and diameter of the spray when choosing the fountain nozzle and, if possible, tailor the spray pattern to the shape of your pond or pool. 

Step 5 -Positioning the Unit

Position the entire unit in the water and anchor it into place with the anchor rope that comes with your kit. The spray nozzle and float of the fountain should remain just clear of the surface of the water while the flexible hose, submersible pump and waterproof cable will lie submerged below the water. Simply plug in the unit and confirm your floating fountain is functioning correctly.