How to Make a Folding Wood Slat Chair

What You'll Need
Electric saw
Nails or wood screws
A hammer
A screwdriver
Metal pins or bolts
A crecent wrench
Wood of your choice
Sandpaper (optional)
Finisher or paint (optional)

Making a folding wood slat chair requires minimal tools and can be very simple. You can construct your chair using the most common of materials or purchase any special type of wood that you like. These chairs are comfortable and sturdy and can be used indoors, the yard, or even out camping or fishing. You can make a comfortable chair that is light weight and easy to pack and carry but will also be durable and dependable and will last you a long time. You can leave the chair very rough and rugged looking or make it polished and finished depending on your taste and purpose.

Step 1 - Cutting Out Your Pieces

Using an electric saw you will cut out the shapes for the pieces you will need to build your chair. The exact sizes of these pieces will be determined by your size and how compact and portable you want your chair to be. You will need 2 seat legs that should be cut to an arching bow shape. Each leg piece will form the front and back legs of one side of the chair. The tips of the bow shape will be pointing down and the slats for the seat will be nailed to the top of the bow shape. You will also need to cut seat slats and back slats of the appropriate length and width for your purposes. Cut the wooden dowel into 2 spreaders the same length as your back and seat slats. You will also need to cut two pieces to be the frame of your chair back.

Step 2 - Prepare Your Chair Pieces for Use

Sand all pieces so that they are smooth and splinter free. You may want to remove any knots from the wood that may protrude and be uncomfortable or else you can sand them down. You may choose to finish or paint the wood pieces before you assemble them or you can do it when the build is complete.

Step 3 - Assembling the Seat

Attach the seat slats to the top of the bow shape of the two chair leg pieces using nails or wood screws. At the bottom front edge of the chair legs screw into place the leg spreader to make the chair more sturdy. Stop the seat slats just before the point at the back of the chair where you will attach the seat back.

Step 4 - Assembling the Back

Using nails or wood screws, attach the slats to the chair back. Starting from the top nail or screw into place your spacer for sturdiness, then place the slats a little bit apart down the back of the chair stopping shortly before the spot where you will attach the back and the seat of the chair.

Step 5 - Attach the Back to the Seat

Using metal pins or bolts, attach the seat back to the seat. You should attach the seat back where it will be comfortable for you and will allow the chair to fold. When attaching it the two sides of the frame of your chair back should extend far enough below the last slat of your chair seat that it will act as a stopper when your chair is opened to a desired angle.