How to Make a Garden Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Fountain pump
One small planter
One medium planter
One large planter
Small decorative rocks

Finding the perfect garden water fountain to fit the style of your outdoor space can be a complicated task. Sometimes it is easier and more cost effective to simply make your own. By using some leftover garden materials and following simple step by step instructions you can have a beautiful garden water fountain that will bring peace and beauty to your garden.

Step 1 – Gathering the Materials

This fountain is custom made, so you can choose the perfect planters that fit with the theme of your garden. You may have several leftover pots from previous planting that will work just fine as well. You can also choose the style of rocks you want to bring to your fountain to add the perfect finishing touches.

Step 2 – Drilling the Holes

This garden water fountain is designed to re-circulate water through the different pieces of pottery, so strategic holes must be drilled to keep the water dispersed evenly. Begin by drilling a hole at the back side of the medium planter; make sure the hole is large enough for the pump electrical cord to fit through.

You will then need to drill a hole on the bottom of your small and medium sized planters. This hole should be directly in the center, and needs to allow for the tubing to slip through snugly. Your next 4 holes should be drilled around the lip of the medium planter, evenly spaced to allow drainage from the top of the fountain.

Step 3 – Installing the Pump and Tubing

Begin by placing the pump at the bottom of the largest planter. Attach the tubing to your pump and cut enough tubing to have an excess of three inches above the smallest planter. Placing the medium pot upside down, thread the electrical cord from the pump through the hole previously drilled on the back side of the medium pot.  Finally, thread the tubing through the center hole in each of the medium and small planters.

Step 4 – Finishing Touches

The final step is simply bringing it all together to form your garden water fountain. With your medium and small planters turned upside down, press them firmly on to the top of the large planter until they are securely in place. Trim away any excess tubing at the top of the fountain, and place decorative rocks around the tubing on the bottom side of the small planter, which is now the top of your fountain. Finally place decorative rocks around the base of the large planter to add a beautiful decorative element.

Garden fountains bring a calming effect by allowing the sound of the flowing water to block out the stressful sounds of the outdoors.  With a little hard work and some ingenuity you can create a serene retreat that will allow you to enjoy a peaceful garden water fountain for seasons to come.