How to Make a Garment Rack Cover

What You'll Need
PVC pipes
4-way connectors and elbows
PVC pipe glue
Garment rack cover

No room would be complete without a garment rack complete with its own garment rack cover. Whether you’re doing it as an improvization project for your home or a temporary storage fixture for your dorm, garment racks are a great way to organize your clothes. Garment racks can also come in handy when you’re having garage sales and you need extra space to show off whatever you are selling.

Step 1 – Secure all the Materials

Think about where you’ll place the garment rack and specify its dimensions according to how space you have. You should have measurements for the length and height of your rack as well as the width of its legs. When you’re done with this, head to your nearest hardware store and have the people there cut the PVC pipes according to your specifications.

Step 2 – Assemble the Legs

Dry fitting is another term for assembling the pipes together without using any kind of adhesive. With a 4-way connector, attach 2 short pipes to the 2 holes opposite each other and attach elbows to both ends. The elbows must be attached going downwards. This will serve as one leg of your rack; create another one to make the other leg.

Step 3 – Assemble the Frame

To the legs, insert the long, vertical poles of your garment rack. Do this on both legs to come up with 2 standing poles. Attach elbows on the ends of both poles and attach one long, horizontal pole between them. This will be the top of your rack. Attach another horizontal pole of the same length as the one on top between the 2 legs. Attach the pole using the remaining slot in the 4-way connector.

Step 4- Attach the Pipes Together

After you have successfully assembled your garment rack, carefully take out the poles and connectors and reassemble the entire thing using PVC pipe glue. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the directions on letting the glue set.

Step 5 – Select the Right Garment Rack Cover

There are a number of stores that carry different kinds of garment rack cover. The simplest of garment rack covers does not have any zippers or Velcro openings so you will have to lift it into and out of your garment rack, although garment rack covers with openings are also commercially available.

Step 6 – Make the Garment Rack Cover

Sewing the rack cover is quite easy too. Just get the dimensions of your rack and make sure you give extra allowance for the clothes. Cut the 5 sides of the garment rack cover—2 sides, 1 front, 1 back and 1 top cloth cutouts. Sew the cutouts together at the edges to make the garment rack cover. Each side should be sewn in between the front and back cutouts. The top cutout should be sewn into the 4 sewn together cutouts.