How to Make a Gas Lift Bar Stool

A gas lift bar stool can be an excellent addition to your commercial or in-home bar. Gas lifts work on the same principle as the slinky or the spring. The gas in “gas lift” does not refer to gasoline. The technology in the gas lift stool is the same as that in the gas lift chair, in which force is created by a gas spring, using compressed gas in a tube. The gas lift bar stool is similar. This device allows the person sitting in the chair to be more comfortable by adjusting to his environment more easily. He can adjust his height to sit in comfortable relation to the table, counter, desk, bar or kitchen island.

How the Spring Works

The most essential part of the gas lift is the spring. It is important to know how this unassuming little thing works. It is a stretchable part used in a machine. It is made so it can push back in a certain way when a load is put on it. It returns to its original shape when the load is removed. When the spring works, energy is created. This energy can be stored and used as a source of power. Gas lift bar stools usually use air springs. However, there are also liquid springs available. Most springs, however, are mechanical. Gas springs are used in all sorts of modern contraptions, such as deli cases, student desk lids, fitness equipment adjustment mechanisms, food processing equipment, and hospital bed positioning equipment.

Gas springs allow users unlimited adjustment positions while compensating for the weight of the person sitting on the stool. Also, springs are self-contained, and the owner does not have to maintain them. They typically last for a long time, often for as long as the rest of the stool does. They are also cost-effective. Gas levers also usually contain lubricant oil which greases the piston of the spring as it is sliding in. The spring is usually well sealed so the lubricant oil is kept inside the spring.

To make a gas-lift bar stool, you will need these items:

  • Bar seat
  • Gas spring
  • The metal cylinder in which the spring can fit easily
  • Lever
  • Base

All these items should come in the same box and should fit together.

Step 1 - Connect the Bar Stool to the Cylinder

Connect the barstool to the cylinder. Usually, the box will come with some sort of truss with screws with which to connect these two items.

Step 2 - Insert the Gas Spring

If the gas spring comes separately, insert the gas spring into the cylinder.

Step 3 - Attach the Lever

Now attach the lever. The lever allows you to release the energy that is built up in the spring.

Step 4 - Attach the Base

The base assures that the bar stool is stable enough so that it does not fall over.