How to Make a Gas-Oil Premix for a Gas Leaf Blower

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What You'll Need

If you have a gas leaf blower or similar type of two stroke engine, then you may need to make a gas-oil premix which will allow you to get the best out of your machine. When you are considering whether to mix up a batch of motor oil for your gas leaf blower, you will want to calculate how to get the best out of your mix without it costing too much money. Mixing together the correct quantities of gas and oil for your gas leaf blower is not complicated, but it can be difficult if you do not understand the proper ratios required.

Step 1 - Work Out the Ratios

Working out the gas to oil ratio is often one of the most difficult aspects of making a good premix. Most 2-stroke engines, such as the gas leaf blower, have a recommended ratio which is determined by the engine maker. Check your leaf blower's service manual or the engine manufacturer's website to find that ration. Common ratio mixes are 8:1, 16:1, 32:1, 40:1, 50:1 and even 100:1. These ratios determine what amounts you will need for each fuel, so for example one gallon of gas, at a ratio of 40:1, would be mixed with 3.2 Fl ounces of oil. To get this number, first convert one gallon into 128 ounces. Then divide the number of ounces by your ratio - in this case 128 divided by 40= 3.2. This ratio is also dependent upon what type of oil you need to use; for example a base oil can be semi-synthetic or petroleum, with the gas ratio at the lowest end of the mix (16:1), and the synthetic at 100:1.

Step 2 - Get the Oil

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Once you have worked out the ratios, you are ready to begin making the premix. Ensure that all your equipment is completely clean and dry, as dirt and water can both effect the functioning of the premix. You should then find a suitable premix oil blend, available from motorbike or go kart racing stores. You may also be able to pick up one of these types of 2-stroke engine oils at your local garage. Pour the oil into a measuring cup so that you fill it to the exact amount required by your ratio calculator. Once this is full, pour it into the empty gas canister.

Step 3 - Fill up on Gas

You are now ready to mix the oil with gas. The quickest way to do this is to fill up the gas canister with a suitable gas from your local garage or gas station. Premium gases are the best for this type of premix, and you will not be needing too much, so you should be able to afford the best gas for your machine. Start by half-filling the canister so that you have enough space in the can to give it a good shaking before you finish adding the gas. This will help to mix it up completely. Keep your eye on the petrol pump meter so that you know when you have reached the required ratio. Give it a few more shakes, and then you are ready to use it on your gas leaf blower.

WARNING: Use caution when using or mixing gasoline with other substances. Remove any children or flammable objects from the area before beginning work. Use work gloves and a proper container while handling gasoline.