How to Make a Hanging Address Plaque

What You'll Need
Wooden board (Im using a piece of Poplar thats 15 wide and 10 high but the type of wood and size are completely up to you)
Craft wire (I suggest at least 20 gauge, something strong enough to hold the sign)
Paint and finish coat
Foam paint brush
Loaded glue gun
Address numbers/letters
A hammer and a nail
Ruler or tape measure

A hanging address plaque can bring a touch of personality, style and flare to your homes entryway. Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or this is your first project, this simple guide will show you how to create your own hanging address plaque in no time with supplies you can pick up at the local hardware store.

Step 1- Drilling Holes to Hang the Plaque

First we’re going to make the holes we’ll use to hang the sign up. Holding the sign horizontally, you’re going to take your ruler or tape measure to the end of the board that will be the top of the sign. Measure about an inch down from the top of the sign and then from that spot measure about 3 inches in towards the center of the sign, mark this spot with your pencil. Repeat this process on the other end of the sign, leaving two holes to hang your sign up. Once these spots are marked drill holes in both spots. 

Step 2- Painting

Using your foam paint brush, paint the sign. Allow plenty of time for the paint to dry before adding a clear coat. After the clear coat has also dried you are ready for step 3.

Step 3-Gluing

Glue your address numbers to the sign using the glue gun. You may also choose to add your last name to the sign, if so glue the letters to the sign as well. The order and design of the numbers/letters is your choice.

Step 4- Stringing the Plaque

String your craft wire through the holes you made in step 1, leaving enough slack for the sign to hang freely from a nail. Firmly tie the craft wire through the holes, ensuring the sign doesn’t come loose. You may want to run the craft wire through the holes multiple times for added support.

Step 5- Personalization (optional)

This is the point in the process where you would add any personal style to the sign. Check below for some tips on personalizing and adding to the sign.

Step 6- Hanging the Sign

Figure out where you want to hang your new address plaque before hammering your nail into the desired location. Hang your plaque and you’re done!


  • Some address numbers/letters come self adhesive,  if yours do then you do not need a glue gun as you simply have to place the numbers in their desired location and let the self adhesive glue dry.
  • To add personality to your sign you could line the edges with tiles or rocks. You could also paint some personal artwork if you have the ability.