How to Make a Hanging Organizer for the Shower

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What You'll Need
Lightweight terry cloth bath towel (about 40-inches long, 19-inches wide)
Sewing machine
.5-inch dowel, 21-inches long or
Hook and loops fasteners
Ribbon, lace, beads, other decorations

The purpose of a hanging organizer in the shower is to allow easy reach for the things you need. By making it from a flexible material, you can have a travel organizer. It can be hung by a dowel over the showerhead or suspended from the curtain rod.

Step 1 - Create the Hanging Mechanism

To start your hanging organizer, fold the top 1.5inches of the towel and sew it in place. You can forgo the dowel and sew hook-and-loop fasteners to create a pocket for hanging from a curtain rod.

Sew 1 side of the hook-and-loop at the edge of the towel and the other side about 6-inches down to allow room for the 2-inch curtain rod. Once you have completed the hanging organizer, place the dowel through the pocket. Tie a 20-inch piece of ribbon to the ends of the dowel and hang it over the showerhead. For the hook-and-loop, choose your spot and hang it over the curtain rod.

Step 2 - Create Pockets

If you have sewn the dowel pocket, turn it seam-side down. Hook-and-loop designs should face right side up. Measure 5-inches from the bottom of the hanging pocket and pull the towel over itself, creating 4-inch deep pleat. This is the first row of pockets.

Pin the sides in place and repeat the process for a second pocket. Fold the end of the towel to create the last pocket. If you used the hook-and-loop method, you will not have enough towel for a third row.

Sew the sides of the organizer to create the hanging organizer pockets. Be careful not to close the ends of the rod pocket. Create smaller pockets in the rows by sewing vertical seams to make smaller spaces to hold your toiletries.

Step 3 - Decorate the Hanging Organizer

Decorate the hanging organizer by sewing on ribbon, lace, beads, or other decorations. If you wish to sew ribbon or lace across the top of each row of pockets, do so prior to sewing the sides shut.

Step 4 - Add a Folding Mechanism

If you travel or stay overnight frequently, you can take your hanging organizer with you. Roll it up to make for easier transportation. Cut 4 pieces 4-inch ribbon. Stitch 2 pieces of the ribbon 1-inch from the bottom corners of the organizer. Allow the ribbon to hang. Fold the towel in half and stitch the other 2 pieces of ribbon on the back. Finally, fold the towel into thirds and to make the 2 pieces of ribbon meet so that they can be tied in a bow.

Step 5 - Washing the Organizer

If you want to wash the organizer, remove your showering products and place it in the washing machine. Follow the towel manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying. Since the material will absorb water, hang it away from the direct flow of water in your shower.