Hanging Pot Rack Grid

Pile of copper pots
  • 2-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-300
What You'll Need
Grill rack
Steel box frame
Soldering iron
Heavy duty lock or wire cutters

A hanging pot rack grid is the same, in many respects, to a wall mounted pot rack grid. The steps necessary to make a hanging pot rack grid is not significantly different from the process used to create a wall mounted pot rack grid. In fact, you can use the steps, including the tools and materials provided in this article, to make a hanging pot rack grid or a wall mounted pot rack.

The reason why there is not a lot of differentiation between the two is because there are so many different styles and types of pot racks that are available that are both ceiling hung and wall mounted. The bracket used to mount the pot rack either to the wall or suspend it from a ceiling is the only significant difference. This article will discuss the steps, tools and materials needed to make a hanging pot rack grid.

Step 1 - Cut and Fasten the Grill Rack

Take the lock or wire cutters and cut the grill rack in order to shape it to fit over the steel frame. After you complete the cut, take the grill rack, and using a soldering iron and solder, fasten the rack to the frame. Run a bead of the solder and carefully, heat the solder along the front, back and side of the steel metal frame. This will form the grid for your ceiling mounted pot rack that is ready for the ceiling mounts to be installed.

Step 2 - Attach the Mounts to the Pot Rack Grid

pots hanging from a pot rack

Next, you need to attach the brackets of metal to the pot rack grid to ready it for mounting to the ceiling. Before attaching the rack to the ceiling, you'll need to decide what type of mounts you want to use. There are many variations to select from depending on your situation.

Step 3 - Mount the Pot Rack Grid to the Ceiling

Once you have completed the installation of the mounts to the pot rack grid, drill holes in the ceiling where the pot rack will be mounted. Fasten the pot rack to the ceiling using screws and a screwdriver, making sure the holes have been drilled into studs to make sure they hold the pot rack securely in place. The completes the process for building your ceiling mounted pot rack grid.