How to Make a Haunted Haunted House Beat the Rest

When Halloween comes around it is very useful to know how to make a haunted house. If you use your own home and make it seem haunted there is an abundance of ideas available for creating some extremely terrifying effects to scare and wow your visitors.


Create haunting sounds in your home by using trip switches. If you have the money and the know-how you can use laser trips so that when a person walks past a certain point in your home, they break the beam with their feet and set off a creepy noise.


Using green lighting and black lights can have an enormously scary effect in your haunted house. Having “black light” light bulbs in your hallway gives a scary effect, as well as green lights in other areas of the house.

Smoke and Ghosts

Rent a smoke machine and use a projector to project ghostly figures onto the inside walls of your house. Have different ghostly apparitions in each room that your visitors will enter.


Create fake cobwebs by purchasing spray cobwebs. These can be acquired from any store that sells Halloween effects and theatrical props.

Bats and Hanging Scary Things

Use fishing line to hang bats and rubber creatures from your ceiling or door jams. If the lighting is low enough people will not see what they are walking into and the fright effect will give them an experience to remember.