How To Make A Heavy Duty Garment Rack With Iron

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What You'll Need
36-inch lengths of 1-inch iron pipes
12-inch lengths of 1-inch iron pipes
4-way iron connectors
Iron elbow joints
Iron clamps
Reciprocating saw
Iron saw
Construction gloves
Eye gear
Old newspapers

Whether for your home or small business, a heavy-duty garment rack can be your trusted pal. These types of garment rack will surely provide you a lot of support, especially if you have numerous clothes to organize. Regular garment racks will not serve merchandising purposes. They might also get loose and break when installing with lots of clothes hangers. As such, a heavy-duty garment rack made with iron is a must for clothing professionals and those who have lots of clothes to store. If you want to make one yourself, here are the procedures you should follow.

Cut the Pipes

Iron pipes might be hard to cut for amateurs. Thus, it might be best to have them pre-cut at your local hardware store. Dry-fit all the pieces together to make sure that you got the right pip sizes.

Assemble the Legs of the Rack

Set up the 12-inch pipe to the four-way connector. Attach them together so that one elbow would stand at the end and another one would stand as the foot of the whole heavy duty garment rack. Repeat the same procedures to the next sections of 12-inch pipes. These steps will give you the desired set of legs.

Attach the Pipe to the Frame

To attach the legs, place the 36-inch pipe sections to the open hole of the four-way connectors. Next, attach another 36-inch pipe to the four-way connector. By this time, only the top hole of the four-way connector would be open. Secure the attachments properly to ensure that the sides of your heavy-duty garment rack are sturdy enough for the next steps.

Assemble the Garment Rack Bar Placement

Attach the elbow on top of the open end of the 36-inch pipe you have just installed. The elbows should both be facing inward. Check to see if they can be correctly aligned together.

    Attach the Garment Rack Bar to the Elbows

    Connect the entire heavy duty garment rack by attaching the last 36-inch pipe to the elbows. Use clamps and screws as necessary. Once you have installed everything, check the sturdiness of the heavy-duty garment rack. Look for areas that might be needing more support. Sand and paint the pipes as desired.