How to Make a Homemade Spice Rack Shelf

What You'll Need
Plywood ( 1/2 or 3/8-inch thick)
A pencil
A handsaw
Sandpaper (Low grit)
Wood glue
Electric drill
Holding screws (Roughly 22)
Wood paint or stain
A small paintbrush
A metal wall mount
Panel pins

Building a homemade spice rack shelf is a great way to create extra storage space and give your kitchen a personalized touch. Spice racks can be made using simple materials and an easy process. You can give your spice rack pride of place in the kitchen and make your cooking jobs much easier.

Step 1 - Cut Your Wood

The first step is to cut pieces of wood using ½-inch think plywood. Mark the wood using a pencil or piece of charcoal. Using a small handsaw, cut three 10x3-inch pieces for the shelves. The bottom shelf can also be used as the base of your spice rack. Also, cut a fifteen inch by ten inch piece for the back of the rack and a pair of fifteen inch by three inch pieces for the sides. Remember to keep the design simple and rectangular. You can add flamboyant curves and personal touches later if you wish.

Step 2 - Sanding

Make sure that your cut pieces of wood are clean and smooth. Use a piece of sandpaper to gently smooth away any sharp edges and to remove excess wood fibers. Sanding is important because it will prepare the wood for the final finish. Thorough sanding will help your spice rack look like a professionally-built piece of equipment.

Step 3 - Assemble

Apply wood glue along the edges of the two sidepieces and glue them to the larger back piece. Use wood clamps to keep the wood in place until the glue has dried before applying evenly-spaced panel pins to secure the framework completely. Alternatively, use an electric drill to fix small screws through the back piece of wood and into the sidepieces. This will provide optimum strength and rigidity.

Place glue along the outer edges of the shelf pieces and place them at four-inch intervals on the inner sides of the rack. Be sure to use your bottom shelf as the base of the spice rack. Again, add screws or panel pins through the sidepieces and into the shelves for extra support.

Step 4 - Paint or Stain

Take a small amount of wood paint or wood stain and start coating your wooden spice rack. Allow this layer to dry and add further coats if you want a deeper color. If you want to cut your spice rack into a curved or decorative shape, do so before paint or stain is applied. A deep-colored wood stain will give the spice rack a typical rustic appearance.

Step 5 - Mount

You should be able to place the homemade shelving onto the wall with a metal wall mount. The metal mount should screw easily into the back of the rack and hold the weight of it on the wall. If you make the spice rack larger and heavier, you will need to directly screw or nail the rack onto the wall as a single mount will buckle under the weight. Use wall plugs and appropriate sized screws on larger racks.