How to Make a Hooded Cat Bed

What You'll Need
Sewing machine
Large sheet of paper
Foam, stuffing or batting
Double-sided tape

A hooded cat bed is a great gift for your feline friend. It not only gives them a place to rest but also to hide during play time. Purchasing a hooded cat bed can be costly, and that will not guarantee that you find the color or style you like. The following article will show you how to make your own hooded cat bed.

Step 1 - Create the Pattern

The pattern of the hooded cat bed is important because it allows you to cut out proper sizes for the fabric. It's much easier to create a hooded cat bed from one piece of fabric rather than multiple pieces. The pattern for the hooded cat bed will begin with an even length. Start with 24-inches long by 12-inches wide. Begin at the top of the base design and measure down 8-inches and draw a line. Measure another 8-inches and draw a line. At the front of the base, measure 2-inches and draw a line. This small area is the lip in front of the bed, while the center is the base and the last portion is the back. Measure from the top of the center to the back and add it to the base of the design. This will be the hood. From the bottom of the lip to the back, measure out 6-inches from each side. These will be the sides of the hooded cat bed.

Step 2 - Cut the Fabric

Cut the pattern out with your pair of scissors. Unroll the fabric you purchased and place the pattern on top of the fabric. Use the marker to trace the pattern on to the fabric and cut it out. Use the pattern and repeat this with more fabric. You will now have two pieces of fabric which will be assembled to create the bed.

Step 3 - Sewing the Hooded Cat Bed

Place each piece of fabric side by side with the dull side facing up. Bring the edges together 1/2-inch and tape. Sew them together.

If you are using rigid foam, then place it flat on one of the sides of the fabric. Cut the foam for each section where the fabric must be brought up. Once the foam is cut, pull the other side over and sew each seam. Pull up the front of the cat bed and hand sew in position where it meets the sides. Pull the back and hood sections up along with the sides and sew them where they meet.

If you are using batting or stuffing, then pull the other side of the fabric over. Line both sides up and sew along the seams leaving the far side of the seam open. Stuff the cat bed with the stuffing. Try your best to even out the stuffing. As you are stuffing the cat bed, begin pulling up the edges. Once a section is full, sew where the creases are. Once the bed is full enough, sew the final edges.