How To Make A Hummingbird Feeder

A backyard hummingbird feeder is a great way to unwind and watch the birds as they do their mid-air dance. You can purchase several different types of hummingbird feeders, but for the creative person, you can easily make your own.

In fact, building a hummingbird feeder is a great project for anyone and can be easily done in less than an hour. If you have been thinking about how you can build a quick and easy hummingbird feeder, here are a few steps that you can use to build a hummingbird feeder today with common materials.

What You Will Need

Small plastic tub with cover
16 oz. soda bottle
1/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup water

Step One - Wash out Materials

Take the plastic tub and the soda bottle and wash them completely. Use regular soap and water and rinse them thoroughly to get rid of any soap residue. Dry them each thoroughly. You do not want to have any soap or old food residue in the containers when you fill them with the hummingbird feeder solution.

Step Two - Cut Holes in Cover

Using a pencil or scissors, poke at least 4 holes in the cover of the plastic tub. You can cut more in it if you want, but you should have at least 4 holes.

Step Three - Attach Bottle to Cover

Take the bottle and measure its opening. Transfer that measurement to the center of the cover of the plastic tub. Cut out the hole with the scissors. Make the cut a little smaller than the actual measurement. This still make a tight fit. If the plastic ring is still around the top of the bottle, take it off. Attach the bottle to the cover by pushing the opening through the hole. It should be pushed to the point where it rests in the notch where the retainer ring was. If the bottle does not stay straight, then use the tape to keep it secured and vertical.

Step Four - Place Cover on Container

Once the bottle is secured to the top of the container, place the top on it. Make sure it still fits with a tight fit so that it will not fall away when the feeder is hanging.

Step Five - Attach String

Make your hanger so the string goes through the bottom of the bottle. Drill a small hole through the bottle near the bottom. Thread the string through the hole and tie together with a strong knot. Attach to a tree branch or a post with an arm extending out.

Step Six - Mix Solution and Fill Feeder

Mix the sugar and water solution thoroughly and fill the hummingbird feeder. You can fill the feeder by taking off the cover and filling the container. Attach a red ribbon around the feeder to attract birds and sit back and watch the hummingbirds begin to show up at your feeder.