How To Make A Hybrid Aeroponic/Hydroponic System

What You'll Need
Drill with 7/8inch and 1/8inch bits
Hole saws 2 7/8inch dia and 4inch dia
30gal Food tote with lid
Submersible water pump 200gpm
3inch Net cups
1/2inch x 6inch poly cut off nipple
PVC reducing threaded female Tee
2 x PVC slip end caps
4inch PVC knock out cap
3/4inch PVC pipe
1/2inch rubber grommet
1/2inch barbed elbow
1/2inch translucent vinyl tubing
Tube clip
10feet closed cell foam gasket tape

A hybrid aeroponic/hydroponic system is a system that has plant roots being sprayed with nutrient solution while hanging into a gently moving bath of solution. This system ensures that the roots have no problem at all in absorbing all the nutrients the plant needs. At the same time the roots are in an ample oxygen supply so can apply all their energy to growth.

Plant Pot Holes

Drill 2 7/8inch plant pot holes in the tote lid for the number of pots you will be installing.


Access port

Drill a 4inch access hole in the tote lid.


Apply the gasket tape around the outside of the bottom of the tote lid.


Cut the PVC pipe

Measure the base of the tote and subtract 6 inches. Divide the result by 2 and then cut the PVC pipe so that you have 2 pieces that length.


Create Manifold

Insert the 3/4 inch PVC pipes you have just cut into the PVC tee and attach the end caps.


Sprayer Connections

Drill 5 x 1/8inch holes along the top of the manifold (ie with the female end pointing down). Insert the micro sprayers into the holes.


Connect the Poly Cut Off Nipple

This will be connected to the female of the tee and then to the outlet from the pump. When the pump is placed in the tote the tee and manifold with the sprayers on top will be vertical to the tote bottom.


Fit Level Meter

Drill a 7/8 inch hole 1/2 inch from the bottom of the tote where you want the meter to be. Directly above it and 2 inches from the top of the tote, drill a 1/8 inch hole and fit the hose clip. Fit one end of the barbed elbow into the translucent tube. Fit the grommet into the 7/8 inch hole and insert the other end of the barbed elbow through the grommet. Fit the other end of the translucent tube into the hose clip. The whole assembly is now ready for use.

Plants in support medium will be placed in the 3 inch net cups and supported in the 2 7/8 inch holes in the lid of the tote. The tote will be half filled with nutrient solution. When the pump is connected to the mains and switched on you will hear the water start to move around and probably see some spray from the 4 inch access hole. Push the 4 inch knock out cap into the access hole.