How to Make a Jewelry Display

What You'll Need
2 identical wooden picture frames
2 small wood hinges
Small hook and eye latch
Tape measure

A jewelry display is a good way to show off your favorite trinkets and also makes them easy to find. An effective display means there will be no more rooting around in drawers to find that lost earring. If you have a jewelry display case that’s small, you’ll be even be able to put it in your bag and take it with you when you travel.

Step 1 - Preparing the Frames

The picture frames that you buy should have frames that are at least 1/2-inch thick in order for you to hinge them. It will also provide adequate depth for a good jewelry display. Start by removing the backing on the frames and also removing the glass. At this point, you should paint, stain or finish the frames if you wish to do so.

The jewelry display will look best if it matches other wood in your bedroom or wherever you choose to keep it. Once you’ve done this, give it ample time to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2 - Glue

Place both frames face down. Make sure that the glass that fits in the frames is completely clean and free of grease. Run a thin bead of glue inside the frame where the glass sits before pushing the glass down lightly to fix it in place. Wipe off and remove any excess glue. When the glass has dried, put the back of the jewelry display in place and secure. Keeping the glass in the frame will help everything fit better later.

Step 3 - Hinges

Stand the pictures frames together with the glass sides facing each other. Along one vertical side of the frame, measure down 1/3 of the length and make a mark, then mark again after another 1/3. This is where you will put your hinges.

Screw the hinges into place, making sure the two parts of the frame will open and close smoothly. Close the jewelry display again. On the side opposite the hinges, mark a spot midway down the side of the frame. This is where you’ll install your latch. Screw the latch into place and make sure it will open and close freely.

Step 4 - Velvet

You now have the basis of your jewelry display case. The next step is to make it covert it into something where jewelry will look at home by lining it with velvet. Silver or gold looks very good against tight or scrunched velvet.

If you want the velvet tight, cut a piece of thick cardboard that’s the same size as the glass in the frame. Cut a piece of velvet that’s slightly larger than the cardboard and glue it to the card, folding over the edges to the back of the cardboard and sticking them down. Allow to dry then press into place over the glass.

For velvet that looks scrunchy, cut a piece of velvet that’s larger than the glass in the frame. Dab glue in several spots onto the glass and press the velvet in place, making sure the cloth can move around a little to make for a good jewelry display. Lay the display flat and lay your jewelry on it for an attractive display.