How to Make a Kids Folding Wood Chair

What You'll Need
2 pieces 1x2 x 6ft
1 inch dowel of at least 16
1 back saw
1 piece of canvas 9 1/2 " wide and 21 3/4 " long
1 flat-head screw driver
2 1 machine screws with corresponding T-nuts of the same size
2 washers of the same size
1 drill bit
1 auger bit
1 Handy Dandy base drill
1 Combination square (with removable straight edge)
Safety glasses
1 Staplegun
1 Tape measure
1 Mallet

A folding wood chair is ideal for kids, but can also become an adult favorite too. It’s very useful and very easy to make. Keep it nearby for an extra chair for your kids when they have a visitor in their room, take it to the ball game, fold it up and put it in the car, or take it to a bar-b-que. This article teaches you how to make a compact and multi-purpose folding chair.

Step 1: Measure, Mark and Cut

Measure, mark and cut your 2 pieces of 1x2 x 6 as follows:  four legs of 19â…