How to Make a Matryoshka-Style Storage Ottoman

What You'll Need
1/2 inch plywood sheets
Wood glue
2 by 4 wood
Brad Nailer
Wood Screws
Miter Saw
Stain and Finish
Safety goggles
Work gloves

Making a Matryoshka-style storage ottoman will inevitably cause one to ask: what is Matryoshka-style. Matryoshka are a style of dolls that are stored or stacked inside each other. Since the style, similar to the Matryoshka dolls that inspire the design, consists of stackable type tables that would fold into each other, let us use that as the basis for the type of ottoman to build. The main ottoman will need to be build with a box with hinges in order to create the storage unit. The remaining ottoman table pieces will stack underneath the main ottoman.

Here are the tools, materials and steps that you need to follow in order to create a Matryoshka-style storage ottoman.

Step 1 - Purchase Materials

Go to your local home improvement center and purchase plywood, 2 by 4 wood and hinges for the Matryoshka-style storage ottoman. If you need to, rent a miter saw, which you will need to rip the plywood sheets and cut them to size.

Step 2 - Cut Plywood Sheets

Cut the plywood sheets to the size you want for the upper ottoman bench. You will need to create a top and bottom piece that will be the basis for the storage unit. Cut 2, 2 by 4 front and back pieces and 2, 2 by 4 side pieces for the storage unit. Cut 4, 2 by 4 legs for the main ottoman storage unit.

Step 3 - Form the Storage Unit

Cut slots into the sides of the 4, 2 by 4 box pieces and join the ends using the brad nailer. Slide a piece of plywood into place to form the bottom of the box. Attach hinges to the back of the box. You will later attach the top plywood piece to complete the storage unit.

Step 4 - Attach Legs to the Ottoman

Attach the 4, 2 by 4 legs to the side of the box for the ottoman. Use wood screws and glue to secure the legs to the ottoman storage unit. Check the ottoman to see if it is level and that the legs are flush to the unit. Attach the top piece to the top of the storage unit. The top plywood piece should have a slight overhang in order to open it easily.

Step 5 - Stain and Finish the Ottoman Storage Unit

Apply wood stain and lacquer finish to your new Matryoshka-style ottoman storage unit. Place the stained unit in a well-ventilated and dust-free area and allow it to dry completely.

Step 6 - Build Smaller Stackable Ottoman Tables

Repeat Steps 1 through 5 to create 1 or 2 smaller ottoman table units. Each of the smaller units should fit comfortably underneath each other, forming the Matryoshka style. When you complete the additional pieces, stack them and they will be ready to use, each providing storage for magazines and other living room items that you wish to store.