How to Make a Metal Hand Rail

outdoor stairway with metal handrail
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Flange mounts
Pipe sections

A metal hand rail is pretty easy to construct as long as you have the right materials and supplies, as well as detailed instructions that are followed closely. The steps below will show you how to construct a metal handrail.

Step 1 - Measure

Measure the area where you want your handrail to be placed. Doing this will give you the information for how many flange mounts and T-fittings you will need to purchase. You will need one T-fitting for every four feet you are covering, as well as one flange mount for every four feet as well.

Step 2 - Apply the First Elbow

Take your first pipe section, and attach an elbow to one end. Then take a T-fitting and screw it onto the other end of the same pipe section you've attached your elbow to.

Step 3 - On to the Second Pipe

concrete stairway with metal handrails

Take a second piece of pipe and screw it into the T-fitting you have screwed on the first pipe. This will attach the two pipes together. Keep adding pipes with secured T-fittings until you have reached the measurements you took in the first step.

Step 4 - Finishing Elbow

Once you have reached the length that you discovered when you measured, finish it off by screwing another elbow to the end piece. Now your railing is the desired length.

Step 5 - Attach the Nipples and Mounts

Now that you have reached the length needed, you can take your pipe nipples and screw them into the flange mounts you have purchased.

Step 6 - Attach it All Together

Take the opposite ends of where you have attached your pipe nipples and screw those ends into the elbows and T-fittings on each piece.

Step 7 - Mark it

Now take the hand rail that you've constructed and hold it against the surface it will be attached to. Take out your pencil and mark the point where the rail meets the surface. These markings will tell you where your flange mounts will go.

Step 8 - Attach the Mounts

wooden handrail with metal supports

Now that you have marked where your handrail is supposed to be attached, you need to do just that, attach the mounts. Do this by taking your flange mounts and screwing them into the surface where your markings are.

Step 9 - Railing Meets Mounts

Since you have already attached your flange mounts, it is time to slide and screw your hand rail into these mounts. Simply take your hand rail and screw them into the mounted flange mounts.

Step 10 - Check it Out

Before you call it quits, you will want to test the strength of your hand rail by applying an extreme amount of pressure. Look for it to bend, or bow in any areas. If it does, you may need to tighten the screws a bit more, or even add more more T-fittings and, or, nipples and flanges. If it looks good to go, you're done!