How to Make a Mirrored Canopy Bed

What You'll Need
Vertical Poles
Horizontal support pieces
Mirror Sections
Wood Glue
Sand Paper
Stain and Paint

Canopy Beds are so nice to have in the room. Putting together a canopy bed is relatively a simple task to complete. It can add so much to your bedroom. There are so many different types of canopy beds that you can construct and made. You can make traditional canopy beds or you can make something that is a little different. It is relatively easy to put together a canopy bed and use it as an additional component in your bedroom decor. If you like to have a mirror on your canopy bed, it is easy to install and enjoy. It will take you a good part of a weekend and it may be a good idea to find a helper to help you pick up and place some of the large pieces, including the mirrors. Follow the directions below.

Step 1 -Assemble the Canopy Bed Frame

Begin by putting together the canopy bed frame. You need to assemble the vertical pieces first and then the horizontal support pieces. Attach the frame using screws and nails. Fill in the holes using wood filler. After the wood filler has completely dried, sand down the excess filler. Make sure the surface is smooth. 

Step 2 - Measure the Top Canopy Frame

Measure the frame of the canopy bed. You are measuring the top frame (closest to the ceiling). Measure the length and the width of the frame. Write it down on a piece of paper. 

Step 3 - Score and Cut Your Plywood

Using your measurements as your guide, score and cut the plywood. Set the plywood inside the frame of the canopy bed and use screws and nails at the corners to attach the plywood to the canopy bed frame. To finish it off, add wood filler to the holes and sand the plywood using sand paper. 

Step 4 - Attach the Mirrors 

Put your mirrors up on the inside of the plywood. Use Double Sided tape to position the mirrors. After the mirrors are positioned in place, pull out anchors and mirror clips. Align the mirror clips with the edges of the mirrors and fix them to the plywood. This will make sure that the mirrors stay in place and do not move. 

Step 5 - Stain and Paint 

As a finishing touch, bring out your paint supplies. Stain or paint the canopy bed. Also paint the top canopy portion. If desired, you can finish off your canopy bed by using a piece of fabric and draping it from one side of the bed to the other side of the bed frame.

Step 6 - Clean Up

Clean up your work area and put away all of your tools. Make sure you close all the bottles of paint and any remaining wood filler or glue. Wash your hands and make the bed.