How to Make a Mosaic Backsplash, Part 1

What You'll Need
Tile nippers
Glass cutter
Spray bottle of water
Concrete board

Creating a mosaic backsplash adds a custom feature to your bathroom or kitchen while serving a practical purpose. Creating a unique mosaic backsplash is both simple and inexpensive. You can use any number of items to create your background. Including sea glass or even broken chine plates or, of course, mosaic tiles. Below are some simple steps that will help you to successfully make your mosaic backsplash for your bathroom or kitchen sink.

Step 1: Designing Your Backsplash

Before you get any of your materials together or purchase anything you will need to have your design planned out for your backsplash. With mosaic tile you can either make the design yourself or find one pre made. Whatever mosaic material you choose must work aesthetically with your existing kitchen or bathroom tile. Making a backsplash that doesn’t go along with your theme can cause your bathroom or kitchen to clash.

Step 2: Measure

Measure your kitchen or bathroom backsplash area and write the measurements down. Transfer all of this information to a piece of cardboard. Be sure to incorporate any electrical switches and outlets in the layout. Cut out your cardboard to fit into the backsplash area.

Step 3: Tile Preparation

Get your mosaic pieces and break or cut them apart with the tile nippers. Get them all cut until they are in even sized pieces that will fit on your backsplash. Get your template laid out on the floor or any flat surface. You will need to get the tile pieces arranged on your template, be sure that they are spaced at least a ¼ inch apart and in your desired pattern. You will need to use this as your guide whenever you begin to glue all of the mosaic pieces onto the backsplash.

Step 4: Area Preparation

Before you begin to lay down any of the tile or pieces you will need to get the area as clean and dry as possible. Get a sponge or wash cloth and get the area cleared of dirt, dust and any type of grime. After you have successfully washed the area clean get a fresh towel and dry it thoroughly. After this you will need to get your concrete board installed. Screw this into the wall carefully and thoroughly, you will want to make sure that there is no movement at all.

Step 5: Laying Your Mosaic

You should always start at the middle of the base of your backsplash. Get your tile adhesive or thinset and put it on the back of each piece of tile to ensure that it will stick on your backsplash for as long as you need it to. Be sure that the tile is set a ¼ inch apart while you are setting them. Use a level to check your work.