How to Make a No-Pull Dog Harness

Dog harnesses are a good alternative to a collar. However some dogs tend to pull or even chew their harnesses. For these instances, a no pull dog harness is a good idea. A no pull leash reduces the strain on the pet and keeps from hurting the dog while helping you safely walk the animal. However, store bought harnesses can be expensive. You can make your own harness and save money. It is not difficult to do and anyone can make this harness. It takes only a few minutes.

Below, you will learn how to make a simple but effective no pull harness with just a few materials, without sewing one stitch and with no frustrating trips to the hardware store to buy tons of stuff. This easy no pull harness is made with things you already have and one piece of hardware. This type of no pull harness is great because you do not have to carry a harness every time; simply keep the clip on your keychain or on the collar.

You need:

  • A soft material leash 6 foot or longer depending on breed of dog
  • A dog collar
  • Heavy duty carabiner clip (not the keychain kind) that has weight test greater than dog’s weight

Step 1: Attaching the Clip

Attach the clip to the D ring of the collar where the leash attaches to. Put the collar on your pet. Adjust collar to fit snug but not tightly on the pet usually two fingers between the neck and collar. Slide collar around, if there is need to, until the clip is in the center of the pets back, in between his shoulder blades.

Step 2: Wrapping the Lead

Clip the leash to the collar ring as you usually would. Wrap the lead around the dog’s chest behind the front legs. Open the carbine clip and put the leash through it like threading a needle. Close the clip.

Step 3: Testing

Hold the end of the leash. You can gently pull on the lead to ensure that the harness is now snug on your pet. If the dog pulls the leash will tighten around his torso. Most pets will slow the pace and stop pulling as this happens. Once you two are at the dog park or through with the walk, simply unclip the lead from the collar and the carbine clip; this frees your pet.

Repeat the steps whenever the harness is needed again. It is that simple.

Tips to Remember

  • Be sure to use soft material leash to prevent chafing. The ideal leash is made from soft leather but any leash will do as long as the material is comfortable to the dog.
  • If harm from hard pulling seems like a possibility, do not use. Never use anything on your pet that may cause harm.
  • Make sure the clip exceeds weight limit of dog. For example for a 50 pound dog, a clip with test of 75 pounds or better should be used.
  • This is not a tie out. Please do not use it for that purpose.
  • This is a helpful tool in training a dog not to pull; it is not a substitution for proper training.