How to Make a Padded Wooden Chair Seat Cushion

What You'll Need
Fabric, or Aida
Sewing needle
Sewing thread
Soft-toy Stuffing
Tape Measure

If you have a wooden chair seat, you may find it rather uncomfortable without a cushion. You can purchase all sorts of cushions from stores, but with a wooden chair seat these can slide to the floor, and will probably fall off every time you stand up. In order to have a cushion which suits your seat, you will need to make one yourself. This can be easily done using a variety of fabrics and other materials, and once you have made one cushion, you may find yourself reluctant to stop. Arts and crafts is an enjoyable hobby, and cushion making can be performed by any age, so you can get the kids involved too.

Step 1  - Measure Your Seat

Before you begin, take the measurements of your seat. Using a tape measure, calculate not only the width and length of the seat, but also the depth. You will need all of these measurements when you come to buying the fabric and elastic for your seat.

Step 2 -  Buy Fabric

How complicated you want to make the seat will depend upon your skill level. If you are not very accurate at stitching, you will be better off purchasing some basic fabric, and simply sewing the pieces together. If you are more skilled, you might like to purchase your fabric as Aida sewing material, as this can be the basis for an interesting design. Choose not only the front fabric, but also a suitable backing material, some elastic (long enough to go around the base of the seat), and some sewing cotton, with a needle. Ensure that all your materials are sufficient to make the cushion.

Step 3 - Choose a Pattern

Once you have purchased your material, you may want to look at different types of pattern for the cushion. Embroidery books often have simple sampler designs that will make great cushions, or you may choose to sew a picture from history, such as the Mona Lisa. If you are making a simple cushion, choose a pattern which features lace edging.

Step 4 - Cut the Cloth

Once you have made the design, cut the cloth to the shape that you want. Measure carefully, and then cut, so that you know your sizing is accurate. You will then be able to begin sewing the cushion. Continue sewing until your pattern is complete.

Step 5 - Sew Up the Cushion

Once this is done, you will be able to compete the sewing up of the cushion. Take a piece of lace, and fit it between the front and back of the cushion, taking care to fold over the edges of the fabric. Using a needle, sew a small running stitch through the fabric until the side is finished. Cut the thread, and then repeat down the next side. With the triangle formed. Push toy stuffing into the cushion, and complete the sewing. Attach elastic to the upper corners of the material, pass it under the wooden chair seat, and then sew into the opposite corners.