How to Make a Patio Roof with Polycarbonate Panels

a Polycarbonate panel
  • 40-80 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 2,000-8,000
What You'll Need
Polycarbonate panels
Closure strips
2x4 lumber
2x6 lumber
4x4 lumber
End wall flashing
Vertical round molding strips
Beam fasteners
Plastic compatible screws

Making a patio roof with polycarbonate panels takes quite a bit of time and effort, but the end result is worth all the work involved. The polycarbonate panels that you will be using is a strong material that is virtually indestructible as it is resistant to ultraviolet sunlight and durable in extreme weather. This offers protection for both your property on the patio and your family. Remember, when beginning a project like this it is always important to consider safety your priority.

Step 1 - Take Measurements

Before you get any of the materials you want to carefully measure your patio for your roof. Doing this will indicate how much of the materials you will need and will also help in planning the construction.

Step 2 - Cut Your Foundation Posts

After purchasing your materials cut your 4x4 lumber to the appropriate length as this will be how high your patio roof will be. With the help of another person attach the cut 4x4 lumber to the foundation posts of the patio (these are the posts that have been set in concrete). You should attach these by using the drill to screw in beam fasteners firmly to each post. Make sure you purchase a durable beam fastener as this is what will be the "glue" between the posts.

Step 3 - Frame the Roof

Measure and cut the length of 4x4 lumber that will run across the front of the patio roof. With the help of another person lay the piece of lumber horizontally on top of the two 4x4 posts you have just attached to the foundation posts of the patio. Use beam fasteners to attach the horizontal post to the two posts. Measure and cut a piece of the 2x6 lumber and attach it to your house as the header. This header will be the length of the patio roof. Measure and cut the other pieces of 2x6 lumber to be laid perpendicular to both the header and the front post. At one end of these 2x6 pieces of lumber used, the saw to cut 3 inches up the longest side and 10 inches down the middle. These will be your beams. These beams will be laid on top of the front post and slightly overhang it (approximately 6 inches). Remember, your measurements should take into account the slight slope the beams will make from the front post to the header. The beams slope Downward from the header to the front post. Space the beams about 15 inches apart as you attach them along with the front post and the header with beam fasteners. Measure and cut the 2x4 lumber to be placed horizontally between the beams as your rafters. The rafters should also be about 15 inches apart and attached with beam fasteners.

Step 4 - Attach the Polycarbonate Panels

Use the drill and screws to attach closure strips on the top of the rafters. Lay your polycarbonate panels on top of the frame of your roof. Make sure that you plan how you will lay your panels down, otherwise, you could ruin your panels if they are put down incorrectly. Attach the panels to the closure strips once they are laid down using plastic compatible screws. Once all of your panels are down then screw the end flashing wall to the end with the header. Then you are done.