How to Make a Patio Table with Tile

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  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-250
What You'll Need
An old patio table
Ceramic tiles (or other type of tile)
Tile grout
Tile nippers
Eye protection
Coarse sand paper
A bucket of water and a sponge
A carpenters pencil

An easy way to jazz up your patio is by decorating your own unique patio table with tile. They can be made inexpensively if you do it the right way, and they can be made in different styles. It can be especially easy if you have an old patio table already, or know someone who does. Sometimes people will put them out with their trash and will have no problem with you carting it away, as long as you ask first.

Step 1 - Secure Your Table

Securing your table means obtaining one, and then making sure it is secure and stable. You need to make sure the table is level. The table may need to be re-glued in places or may need tightening of screws. If necessary, replace rusted hardware.

Step 2 - Prepare the Table

If the table has a wooden surface, go over it with the coarse sandpaper. Giving it a bit of a rough surface will make the wood hold on to the grout. If you are using a metal table, make sure the design is not an open metal-work type, as this will be very difficult to grout. It can be done, but will require more effort and grout. If you have a metal table with raised edges, grouting may not be necessary at all.

Step 3 - Lay Out Your Design

colorful tiles

When you have your surface ready, use the pencil to mark your intended design. Lay the tiles onto the design with the dull side up. Make sure to leave enough room between the tiles for your grout. Wearing eye protection, use the nippers to cut tiles to the right shape and size.

Step 4 - Attach the Tiles

While the tiles are laying dull side up, you can put a little adhesive on them if you want to keep them from moving around on you. You can finish the project without the adhesive, it's up to you. Turn the tiles over and place them in their proper location. Once they are all in place, cover the tiles with the grout, making sure to work the grout in between the tiles.

Step 5 - Clean Off the Excess Grout

variety of tile patterns

With the bucket of water and sponge, carefully wipe off the excess grout from the tiles. It may be necessary to reapply the grout to certain areas. Let the grout set for several days before you use your table.

Step 6 - Option For a Metal Table with Raised Edges

If you have a metal table with raised edges, you can create a unique table without using grout. Measure the table and then find tiles that will fill in the table almost exactly. The tiles can be set inside the table with no adhesive. For an interesting twist, use different colored tiles. This way, you can remove the tiles, rearrange them, and create different designs and patterns. This will keep it looking like a new table every time you change the design.