How to Make a Pegboard Hook Lock

What You'll Need
Wire hangers
Wire cutters
Measuring Tape
Pegboard and pegs (for reference)
Safety gloves

If you've ever used hooks in a pegboard, then you know how frustrating it can be when the hooks fall out while you mess with them. There is a simple solution for that problem though, and it comes in the form of a pegboard hook lock. This simple, but brilliant device basically puts a flat bar on top of the bottom section of the peg so that it does not come loose. You can buy packages of these things, bu they may not work for the pegs you're using or for the pegboard you have. Then again, you might just be looking for a craft project. In either case, follow the guide below to make your own hook lock.

Step 1 - Measure the Lock

To make your pegboard hook lock, you're going to be spanning three rows of pegs and making a bump over the peg itself. You need to allot for about a half inch of wire on either side too so the lock can be inserted into the peg. Measure out the span of the 3 rows and then add 1 1/2 inches to accommodate for the bump and the insertion points.

Step 2 - Cut the Wire

Along the straight long edge of the wire hanger, mark the measurements you made earlier. Then cut off the ends so that all you have is one straight piece of thick wire. You will use a wire cutter to do this. Be sure to wear safety gloves at all times in this project. The edges of the wire can get very sharp and the last thing you want is a simple do it yourself project to end in bandages.

Step 3 - Make the Center Bump

This part can get a little tricky. Start by finding the exact center of the wire. Use a metal peg and bend the wire around it to where it wraps half way around the peg. Then make a mark evenly on both sides of the bump that make it into a half circle. Take your pliers and bend the wires back along that mark so that you end up with a straight line, a bump, and another straight line. This will look like the sun coming over the horizon.

Step 4 - Make the Securing Bends

Once you have the wire flat again with the bump in place, put it up against the peg board and have the bump over 1 row of holes. Mark where the wire crosses the center of the holes on the rows directly next to the bump. Then take the pliers again and bend the wire so that it forms a right angle. You should now have a piece that looks like a football goal with the bump facing the opposite way of the posts. To finish it off, bend the back of the posts so they will not fall out of the pegboard.